National Library Cataloging – Sudan
338.7025 – Paul Hormez Azzo – A.D.
Directory of Major Companies In Sudan 2005 – 2006
Paul Hormez Azzo. x-lst. ed.
Beirut: Anis Press,2006
376 P.: LLLLus.; 30cm
ISBN : 99942 – 816-4-X
1.Companies – Diretories – Sudan.
2. Sudan – Descriptions & Travels

Table Of Contents


Directory of Major Companies in Sudan 2005/6.

“ Dawn of a new era in Sudan “

I– Objectives:

  1. To relay the true image of Sudan to the world.
  2. To promote Companies, Institutions & Organizations worldwide.
  3. To attract Researchers & Investors into Sudan.

II – General Information about the Directory:

* Compiled by: Paul Hormez Azzo (Cavaliere).

* Project Executed by: (5) Lebanese & Sudanese Media Experts.

* Texts worked on by: Scholars, Consultants & Professors. 

* Total Qty. of Distribution: (5,000) within 1st year from publishing..

* Over (400) Major Companies, Institutions & Organizations.

* Over (2,500) valid & important addresses.

* UN offices, NGO’s, Embassies, Chambers of Commerce and the like.

III – Printing:

* Printing Press, in Beirut

* Number of pages: (400 circa).

* Paper size: A4, color.

IV – Distribution:

A – International Distribution:

Quantity:-  (5,000) copies.

Countries:- Over (85) worldwide.

Also thru:-

* Reference Books Specialists Distributors

* International Conferences & Exhibitions.

* Website: Links to various websites.

B – Local Distribution.

Quantity:-  3,000 copies.

  1. Points of Sale, Bookshops & Major Hotels.
  2. Fairs, Exhibitions, Seminars, Cultural & Social Clubs.
  3. Telemarketing.
  4. Conferences, Fairs & Exhibitions in Sudan.

V – Readers:

* Type of Readers:

Bankers, Executives, Professionals, Businessmen, Industrialists,

Economists, Researchers, Govt. Agencies ,Chambers of Commerce,

Insurance, Educational Institutions, International Organizations,

United Nations Offices and the like.

* Potential Readers:

– Highly ranked officials of the Public Sector.

– Executives of the Private Sector.

– Bankers.

– Foreign Embassies in Sudan and respective countries.

– UN Offices and respective Head Offices in various countries.

– International Organizations & Head Offices in various countries.

– NGO’s & Head Offices in various countries. 

– Major Sudanese Companies & their Agents &/or Principals.

* Estimated number of Readers: (1st Year): over 400,000 30% in Sudan,

70% abroad.

VI – The undersigned merited the Italian Knighthood

       (Cavaliere,  equivalent to the title of SIR) bestowed on him

      on 27/12/1979 by the then President of Italy, late On. Sandro Pertini.

Mr. Azzo first achievement was in promoting Italian products and technologies

in Gulf countries late seventies and early eighties as well as staging Conferences

in Italian for Gulf Countries and beyond.

Mr. Azzo merited the Italian Knighthood (Cavaliere) bestowed on

him on 27/12/1979 by the then President of Italy, late On. Sandro Pertini.

 Our Motto: “As grows Promotion so grows the Nation”.

“ No one shed lights worldwide on Sudan like we do.’

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