We are a Sudanese Company with diverse activities, registered in Khartoum, Sudan under the name of Diamedia (#23845, dated 15.12.2000) and reinstated as Glomedia Investment Co. Ltd. (#43234, dated 26.07.2013 and #86705, dated 23.03.2014)

Basically, we are working in the field of Media and Promotion with a clear vision, since the founding of Diamedia & later on, reinstated into Glomedia, in promoting Sudan globally through Publications, Forums and Exhibitions with the prime aim to attract Researchers and Investors into Sudan.

Management & Associates 2021

1. Paul H. Azzo (Cavaliere)

General Manager Glomedia Center

2. Abraham kinfe

IT Manager &Website Admin

3. Azza Alsadiq 


Scopes of  our Website:

To relay the image of Sudan Fairly, Freely & Independently

To Promote Sudanese & non Sudanese companies world wide

To  attract Researchers & Investors


Paul H.Azzo General Manager Glomedia Center

Author of 1st edition of the Book of Directory of Major Companies in Sudan 2005/2006

Author of 2nd edition of the book of Directories of Major Companies In sudan

Author  of the ISO Companies in Sudan 2014-2015

Author of Sudan Investment Successful Projects 2014-2015

HOA Languages 2021

 Teaching & Training:

  1. Languages.
  2. Modern: Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, English, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Amharic, Tigrigna, Swahili.
  3. Ancient: Nubian, Latin, Greek, Assyrian,  Aramaic, Hebrew
  4. African Indigenous Languages. To start with Sudanese local languages.

VII- Salamanca University – Sudan, in Khartoum.

 Beside issuing Languages Certificates co-signed with us, we do it also for:

A – International Relations.

B – Diplomatic Relations.