Date 29.12.2020

Who are Glomedia?

From the Hell of 2020 to the Heaven of 2021, hopefully.

We are a Sudanese Company with diverse activities, registered in Khartoum, Sudan under the name of Diamedia (#23845, dated 15.12.2000) and reinstated as Glomedia Investment Co. Ltd. (#43234, dated 26.07.2013 and #86705, dated 23.03.2014)

This is added to two decades and half of challenges between:

Beirut, Milano, Jeddah, London, Dubai, Chicago.

Glomedia Founder and President is Mr. Paul H. Azzo (Cavaliere, similar to the title of Sir & literally it means Knight of the Italian Republic, bestowed on Mr. Azzo on 27.12.1979 by the then Italian President On. Sandro Pertini.

Mr. Azzo has some Sudanese companies and few employees as business Associates.

Basically, we are working in the field of Media and Promotion with a clear vision, since the founding of Diamedia & later on, reinstated into Glomedia, in promoting Sudan globally through Publications, Forums and Exhibitions with the prime aim to attract Researchers and Investors into Sudan.

Our current Activities are:

I – Advertising & Promotion.

Matter of fact, we have over (200) major companies who over the two decades, had honored us with Partnerships, Sponsorships, Adverts and Presence in our publications:

II – Books Writing & Publications: (under construction and reconstruction).

  1. Directory of Major Companies in Sudan – Reference Book  2005/6, 1STedition. 2nd 2020/21.
  2. Directory of the NGO’s in Sudan, 1ST Edition. 2nd Edition 2020/21; revised under new title of Diplomatic Missions, UN and NGO’s in Sudan.
  3. Horse Races in Darfur…Peace in Sudan (2014) 1stEdition. 2nd Edition revised under new title of Horse Races in Darfur & Nuba Mountains Wrestling …Peace in Sudan, 2021.
  4. Minerals in Sudan and Directory of WORLD Mining Companies – Business & Investment 2020/21. Designated to be the “Official Directory” of the Ministry of Energy & Mining
  5. ISO, Quality, Excellence & Environment in Sudan 2020/21.
  6. Directory of Successful Investment Projects in Sudan 2020/21.
  7. Directory of the Universities & Higher Education in Sudan, 2020/21
  8. CAROB Project for Sudan/Eritrea/Ethiopia/Chad.

III – FORUMS in some (12) World Economic  Capitals and more for above books.

 IV – Forums, Exhibitions & Fairs

A1. Khartoum International Medical Pharmaceutical Exhibition & Forum, Grand Holiday Villa, November, 2018.

A2. Mini Fairs & Forums: Italy in Sudan, India in Sudan, Syria in Sudan, Lebanon in Sudan, Ethiopia in Sudan.

B1. Sudanese Businessmen & Employers Federation. 5th Sudanese German Business Forum Frankfurt 26-27 June 2006, AFRIKA-VEREIN. Active participation with delivery of a “Word” by Mr. Azzo (page 5 of SBEF booklet). Beside several other exhibitions, locally and abroad we participated at and all followed up.

V – GSI, N. Carolina, USA Activities thru Glomedia:

  1. Agriculture.
  2. Mining.
  3. Tourism.


Teaching & Training:

  1. Languages.
  2. Modern: Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, English, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Amharic, Tigrigna, Swahili.
  3. Ancient: Nubian, Latin, Greek, Assyrian,  Aramaic, Hebrew
  4. African Indigenous Languages. To start with Sudanese local languages.

VII- Salamanca University – Sudan, in Khartoum.

 Beside issuing Languages Certificates co-signed with us, we do it also for:

A – International Relations.

B – Diplomatic Relations.

VIII – Under negotiations (2) Periodicals:

A – Ard Al Maadan- The land of Minerals- (Ministry of Petroleum & Mining).

B – Amana, (Council of Ministers).



Glo Media Investment Co., Ltd.
Legal Office – Sudan, Khartoum – Nile Avenue – Kuwaitia Buildings -Tower # 4, Floor # (P) West 

Operational Office –Amarat  Street 41
Phone :  + 249 152 912 355 +
General Manager Mob : + 249 121 138 415 

E-mail:   [email protected]