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 Project & Execution: “ A & F ….. Guide ”,

Assyrians & Friends, Professionals & Businesspersons. worldwide Guide, 2022.

Dear All,

 For the first time such medium about Assyrians and their cherished Friends, the world over, shall reach millions of readers. Among these are the Heads of the States, Kings, Princes, PMs and over 5,000 world personalities: Scholars, Researchers, Scientists, Politicians, Professors, Doctors, Sports & Achievers and Highly Ranked UN Officials – Consultants; all Ambassadors in the Middle East and Africa as well as many CEOs of the Largest World Companies & Industries.

All above personalities shall be given Complimentary Copies of “A & F…. Guide” and yet, our scope is solely to relay to all our “Assyrian Fair & Just Cause”…. Peacefully.

I trust you consecrate some time to decide joining the “Guardians of Assyria” in undertaking an active role in the aforementioned Project “Assyria & Friends…. Guide”, meant to fill the divide between Diaspora five Million & Home one million Assyrians.

These are the grandsons of the greatest of Civilizations: Assyria.

It is a Unique, Unprecedented Project built on over (10,000) Assyrian Friends of mine along with a similar number of non-Assyrians connections I amassed over six decades.

In support and assistance, we have (27) Media/Sales Colleagues covering the M.E and the world; add (17) Assyrian Scholars, thru the courtesy of Prof. Efrem Yildiz, Vice Chancellor of Salamanca University of Spain, and President of Mesopotamia Alliance and why not YOU TOO to take an active role to the benefit of the Assyrian Nation & People?

The “Assyrians & Friends… GUIDE” shall be blended with info about Assyrian language, Culture, Civilization, History, Tourism of several M.E. countries (Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine) and the like, written by Assyrian Scholars. You may as well be one of them, offering services &/or invited to collaborate into this Singular Promotional Work about the Assyrian Nation at Home & in the Diaspora, where an Assyrian Community lives & work in Harmony and Peace with everybody.

Maps of the Middle East (ASSYRIAN HOME since Seven Millennia) and of the Cities where large Assyrian communities dwell in the Diaspora shall be added.

The Assyrian & Friends….. Guide” shall not be void of pictures of Prominent Assyrian Personalities of the two last centuries, so to look like a “Modern Assyrian History Guide” too.

Now, our target for the first edition is to print 20,000 hard copies besides having all the data ONLINE. Generously, Prof. Efrem Yidiz vouched to pay the printing costs.

For your kind information, we have started above Project early last January 2021 and it is planned to be executed by the 31st of March, 2022.

P.S.: The Front & Back Cover Pages designs have been readied thru Prof. Efrem Yildiz courtesy & on your kind written request, they shall be forwarded to you within a week.

Warm Regards.

Paul Hormez Azzo (Cavaliere)

Shamasha Giwargis Hanna Shenko

Prof. Efrem Yildiz,

Vice Chancellor of Salamanca University,

Spain & President of Academic Nineveh Chair.

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