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Alexandrite one of the rarest gemstone was discovered near the Tokovaya River in the Urals. This young gemstone appears both in red and green colour and said to be the colours of Russia. This stone naturally was considered as the National stone of Russia. When it comes to modern jewellery the usage of this stone is very rare. It usually adorns antique jewellery and as a result rings studded with this stone were introduced in the market. Victorian jewellery which was famous in London also made use of this stone.

One of the most admirable qualities of this gem stone is its colour. The ability to change its colour has made it one of the most beautiful gemstone. In day light this stone appears to be bluish green and in artificial light it appears red in colour. This fine quality has made it one of the valuable gemstones.

The main source of this precious stone from parts of Russia gradually stopped producing this gemstone and in due course this stone lost its market due to non availability and another reason was this stone produced in other places did not display this colour magic. But later on this gem was discovered in Brazil and it showed the change of colour and also clarity. After the discovery of this new stone it once again became popular and regained its importance with all its glory. This precious stone however do not have the strong green colour as the one found in Russia. It clearly showed the colour change and so it came to be again looked upon with same value. Later on Alexandrites was also discovered in Srilanka but the quality of this stone was not that good when compared to those found in Uralian.

This wonderful gem can be clearly differentiated from other precious stone by the change of colour it exhibits. This precious stone is a very clear stone and it is considered to be more valuable than all the other precious stones like Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. It is very rare to find this beautiful rare gem in large sizes. It is always found in oval, round and also in heart shape. No specific treatment is given to this gem to make it more valuable as it is considered to be very valuable in its natural shape and size.

This gemstone is considered to be a stone of happiness and a stone of goodness. The spiritual growth of an individual is said to be promoted when this gem is worn. It is considered as a stone of good omen. Calmness and peace is associated with this gem stone. It is believed that the wearer of this gem has always the chance of winning any task he takes up.

The uniqueness of this gem has made it a valuable one .This gem is very expensive and rare too. This exquisite jewellery can be used for daily wear, but care has to be taken to protect it from scratches and harsh chemicals. It should not be exposed to high temperature. The cleaning should be done with mild soap solution, warm water and soft cloth.

It is known as emerald at day time and ruby at night time and this precious stone is said to be the third hardest stone. A large variety of jewelleries are made out of this stone like rings, pendants etc. With all these benefits and rare quality this rare stone it occupies an important place among other precious stones in the gem family.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :


Available Colors :

Red and Green.


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