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What is Amethyst?

Amethyst can occur as crystals that are six sided on either end. It is established within geodes and in alluvial put down all around the world and take place in both crystalline and immense forms. Its color is as exclusive as it is seductive, although actually this gemstone of all gemstones is believed to defend its wearer in opposition to seduction. The amethyst is lavishness in violet. For thousands of years, it stands as the outstanding representative.

Where do they form?

It is produced when red hot magma i.e. molten rock oozes into the gaps and voids of a parent rock and get chilled. It is a multifaceted elevated temperature silica solution with temperature array from 600-1200 degree centigrade. It is below high pressure and is cool, calm and collected of silica and iron.


  • Variety of: Quartz, SiO2.
  • Birthstone for: February
  • Birefringence: 0.009
  • Hardness: 7
  • Cleavage: none
  • Crystal system: trigonal
  • Pleochroic: no
  • Color: various shades of purple.
  • Index of refraction: 1.544-1.553

Physical Properties :

Color – These attractive gemstones have to be purple in color. Though, diverse shades of purple are established as it is acquired from varied parts of the world that have dissimilar climatic conditions, environment of the chemical composition and warmth levels etc. By examining the shade of the stone, the country may possibly be recognized from where the particular stone is obtained.

Clarity – It is the stone with crystal obvious look. It increases an edging in excess of other reasonably priced semi precious gemstones appropriate to its clearness. By means of and big it is complimentary from inclusion and blemish but there is an all time exists the outlook that only some stones may enclose a few defects. If the stone is brilliant purple in color then a small number of slight inclusions can be abandoned and must be deserted as such imperfection rarely damage the exquisiteness of the stone. On the whole it is a spotless and obvious stone.

Cut – Cutting is not extremely complicated for this stone, it can be set with various silhouette and sizes. A number of familiar cuts are pear, oval, emerald, square, round and triangle etc. When the color is broadening equally all through the stone the cutter might provide any preferred cut as commanded by the jewelry designers and buyers. In case of not level color allocation round cuts are the most excellent to maximize the loveliness and reduce the color imperfection.

Carat Weight – This is a significant cost determinant. With the augment in carat weight the cost of the stone also augment. As this stone is reasonably charged, elevated carat weight stone can be chosen. Among the bigger stone the appearance of the ornaments gets blown up that creates the wearer center of appeal. The perfect weight for all the junks is more than 2 carat.

Natural Occurrence :

Canada,USA(Marine North Carolina,Guerrero),Mexico,Vera Cruz,Brazil,Uruguay,Russia(Ural Mountains),Germany,Italy,Africa.

Available Colors :



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