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Apatite is a mineral and commonly known as a type of phosphorus chemical which is very much required in the process of photosynthesis. It is also a gemstone that is transparent and very rarely found. Most of the consumers in the jewellery world still do not know the existence of such a stone and so it is rarely used to beautify a piece of jewellery. But the gemstone collectors are very much attracted to this gem because it is found in wide variety of colours and different forms. This precious gem has wide variety of colours and among them the most sought after are green blue, purple, violet and also moroxite a deep blue variety which is attained by heating to enhance the colour of the jewel.

This precious gem though not known much to the people is slowly being introduced into the jewellery business worldwide by embodying it in pins, earrings etc. But it should not be used on regular basis as there are chances of getting damaged.

This stone is found in many parts in the world and it is mainly found in Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and also the United States. This precious stone helps the wearer to be mentally and spiritually strong and it helps in gaining self confidence and individuality. The vibration of this stone is very great, any sadness associated with past life will be erased and it will help us to gain self confidence.

This transparent gemstone with blue, green, yellow colour and with absolute clarity is cut into gemstones. Extra colour is given through heat treatment. This precious stone is little known to the jewellery world due to its brittle nature. This gem has the tendency to break into parts because of its soft nature .When it comes to the color of this gem it is noticed that each and every gem stone with its particular colour has its own significance.

The colour blue which is the most popular among this gem stone has the capacity to give the wearer a mood of happiness. The yellow colour helps the wearer to suppress his appetite, Green colour gives peace and harmony to the body. Apatite also appears in rounded and rough forms. It is said that this stone has a therapeutic value. While the round form help us to allow a free flow of nutrients needed for our body the rough one help the wearer to be free from all viral infections including cold and fever.

It is always seen that the commercial traders rarely use stones which are popular among the gem collectors. There are many reasons and the foremost reason is that these stones are rare and another important reason is its brittle nature. This is the reason why this precious gem is not very common in the world of jewellery.

When it comes to treatment of this blue and yellow gemstone, it normally does not require any kind of additional treatments. However heat treatment is given to improve the colour and like the other gem stones dark coloured apatite has more value among the traders.

This precious beautiful gem has to be cleaned only with soft cloth and mild soapy solution. Care should be taken while handling this gem. It should be stored separately in a box as there are chances of getting scratched or damaged.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the United States.

Available Colors :

Green, Blue, Purple, Violet and Moroxite


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