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Topaz is one of the most precious gems which stand for beauty and splendor. It is commonly found in yellow color and sometimes it appears to be colorless also. The color of this precious stone when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time will fade away gradually. However it can be said that this gem which is believed to be colorless and transparent is given color when other impurities are added to it. This gem stone is believed to be largely used in jewellery .It is mostly found in Russia, Afghanistan, Nigeria and the United States.

There are various varieties of this precious stone known in different names like Orange, Imperial, Blue and Mystic. This stone was mined in an island called TOPAZOS in Red sea. It is also said that the word Topaz in Sanskrit means fire. The Mystic Topaz is artificially enhanced with rainbow colors and its beautiful appearance occupies a special place among the stones.This gem was also made into jewellery in the traditional times and it is also called Imperial Topaz. When compared to other gems this stone is hard but care should always be taken to protect it from violent blows.

There are lots of myths and stories associated with this gem. When the Egyptians believed it to be a protector from injury, Greeks believed it to give them strength and to the Romans it is believed to improve their eyesight.

This stone was regarded as precious as all the great kings and queens of medieval times used this stone to decorate the jewelleries. It was considered to be of great value and possessed only by the rich and aristocratic section of the society .But with the mining of this stone in Brazil in large quantities, this gem started to be used by every section of the society.

It is believed that a stone which adorned the crown of a Portuguese king was first mistaken to be diamond and later on it was confirmed that it was a colorless Topaz. A lot of tests in the laboratory has proved that this gem has high radiation power as a result it may cause injury to the person who wears it. It is advisable to do a radiation test before wearing this precious stone.

This stone is considered to be very sacred in Hindu Mythology as it is believed that it can improve the intelligence of an individual and increase the life span of person. It is also believed that this gem stone will relieve thirst.

This stone is a very transparent, that the colors are visibly magnified and produce a majestic appearance when it is crafted into beautiful jewels. When it comes to jewellery variety of design can be produced due to the versatility of the stone. It is best suited for necklace, bracelets rings etc. The cleansing of the jewellery studded with this stone is very simple by using soap and soft cloth. Topaz believed to be the provider of wisdom and knowledge occupies a significant place not only because of its beauty but also because of its historical significance. This gem occupies a significant place in the fashion world.

Physical Properties :


Color of topaz is an essential feature to be kept in mind while making the acquisition. Topaz is obtainable in multiplicity of colors. Occasionally these colors are as predictable occurs else it is colored by the color center. Topaz hold chromium that is a contaminated, which when heated at about 4500 F creates unusual shades of red, orange and sometimes violet. These colors are scrutinized appropriately below an appropriate light source.Clarity:

This translucent and clear gemstone encloses vitreous luster. Therefore, it more often than not possesses the clarity. At times, a small number of of the topaz crystals have certain inclusions that are in tear-shaped crater. Shades of red colored topaz consist not as much of clarity than other colors.Cut:

Cut of the stone is very imperative too. Topaz has just right basal cleavage; as a result, it is relatively trouble-free to cut. Frequently it is cut as stretched out stones and gets emerald cuts, lengthened ovals, and cushion and pears figures. The pear shape with excessively slender shoulders is the shape that keeps the heaviness of the gemstone.

Natural Occurrence :

Mines of topaz are located in Australia, Namibia, Nigeria, Russia, Pakistan, Brazil, and the U.S.A.

Available Colors :

Colorless, blue, orange, pink, purple, brown, yellow, red, violet and light green.


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