Following on from the tremendous success of SIMPEX 2017 we invite you all to join us in 2018 at Grand Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Khartoum, Sudan for the 2nd Annual ” Sudan International Medical, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Conference & Exhibition ” (SIMPEX 2018) on 27-29 NOVEMBER 2018.

2017 got off to a spectacular start which participants say have exceeded their expectations and cemented SIMPEX as the Sudan’s largest Pharma summit to date.

Sudan is a bustling center for Pharma activity. It is a gateway to golden future and a country that is emerging as a major frontier market and showcasing such volume and diversity in pharmaceutical industry, it should come as no surprise that Valiant Business Media is most excited to host SIMPEX 2018 yet again. Sudan Pharma market which was worth $ 491 million by the end of 2015 is forecasted to reach $ 645 million by 2019. Sudan’s imports of pharmaceutical products would grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6%, and reach a value of USD 521mn in 2019. This will be significantly higher than exports which we forecast to increase to USD 0.67mn in 2019, from USD 0.23mn in 2014 – corresponding to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.3%

Sudan International Medical, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Conference & Exhibition is the only dedicated event focused solely on supporting and developing the pharmaceutical industry across the Sudan. Our aim is to bring all parts of the sector together so that new partnerships can be created, new ideas can be forged, best practice experience can be shared, and business can ultimately be done all under one roof, and across three very exciting days, at The Grand Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Khartoum, Sudan.

We could not be more pleased as SIMPEX 2017 had exceeded expectations in the level of participation, interest and support for the summit in its first year was overwhelming. At this coming year’s show, you’ll have no shortage of learning opportunities with Pharma companies across Sudan, Europe, and Asia will be participating, offering new and exciting information on industry best practices. We are expecting more than 100+ international companies from across the world this time. Several more big name companies in the pharmaceutical industry have signaled their intent to be part of SIMPEX 2018 in the country now regarded as the next Pharma hotspot in the region, in the hope of improving the pharmaceutical industry and helping the people that need medicines the most across Sudan.

Sudan International Medical, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Conference & Exhibition is devised in response to feedback from Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan as well as the Sudan pharmaceutical industry. With no leading events in the region for pharmaceuticals, SIMPEX aims to aid the sector by facilitating a meeting of all the key players in the region and beyond.

This will aim to explore the current composition of the industry in Sudan, by inviting several experts in their respective fields to give their opinion on where the future of the market may lead and how to partner and succeed in this high growth territory. As Sudan is already proving a very attractive market with many forward thinking businesses. This is your chance to understand how you can do business in this part of the world.

Hope to see you there!