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Diamond as such is believed to be without color and it appears to be purely transparent. But due to the impurities present in it we can find even colored stones. These stones with color may increase or decrease the value of diamond and the increase in coloration will determine value of this wonderful gem. This precious white stone with slight change of colour may be of less value in comparison to pink or blue stones. It is said that the most valuable among this wonderful gem is red colored stone.

This exquisite gem is found in variety of colors like steel grey, white, yellow, blue, orange, red, green, pink etc. The stone gets its color due to the impurities present in it and the colorless pure stone is perfectly transparent with fewer impurities. The stone is classified into two types, categorized as main and sub types. The main types contain fewer impurities whereas the sub types are found with more impurities.

The normal color range of this precious stone which is mined is either pale yellow or brown. This beautiful gem which has yellow, Brown or any other colors are called Diamonds with fancy color. This precious stone in its purest form is always white or colorless. The four value factor by which this beautiful gem stone is assessed is by the degree of its color. This system by which the colors are graded is applicable to all other precious gem stone like Ruby, Safire, Emerald etc, however the most precious gem when compared to other gem stones are always white colorless pure Diamond.

The gemological Institute of America value this precious gem by looking at the color and clarity it exhibits. The bright white colored stone is always in demand and it is the consumers favorite. The bright colored stones are rare, hence the supply is limited generating more demand in the market. It should be always remembered that if other characteristics of these stone are good the poor color quality need not be taken into consideration, however in such circumstances a low colored stone can also be considered. In this category of colored gems blue stone called hope is the most valuable and comparatively priced higher than other stones.

This clear and white colorless stones which is found in pendants and rings are created by super heating the carbon molecules. While brown Red and Pink stones get their color by combination of heat and pressure the grey and blue get their color from boron. The wonderful green stone gets it color by natural radiation which reflects the green color and absorbs the red and yellow light present in it. The exquisite violet and purple gem gets its color due to the presence of Hydrogen and partly due to crystal alteration.

Another exiting feature of this colored stone is that it is not artificially produced, hence the price is higher than other stones. This colored jewellery has to be handled with care and tough cleaning is not recommended as it may damage the stone. However it has to be kept in mind that lesser the body color of the precious stone it is more valuable and priced high.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :


Available Colors :

Steel grey, White, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Pink etc.


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