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Beryl popularly known in Greek as crystal is another precious gem which comes in different colors and varieties however this precious gem stone is colorless, but we can find wide range of colored stones also. When this stone is mixed with other impurities this colorless stone appears in different varieties of colors like blue, green, pink, red etc. Among all these varieties emerald and aquamarine occupy a very special place. Aquamarine comes in pure blue color and emerald which is considered to be the most sought after gem stone appears in green color. It is very interesting to notice that this gem though mixed with any other impurities does not lose its value and all colored gem is considered to be very precious and possessed by the buyer in spite of its high value.

The high quality resistant wire which is used in many of the electrical devices is a mixture of copper and beryl. It is generally believed that this stone cures any problem associated with eyes and also with heart and spine. It is believed to guard a person from any evils spirits which troubles him and provides a kind of feeling of being protected against the evil spirits. It is also believed that by wearing of a jewellery studded with this gem will help a person to get rid of his lethargic attitude and prompt him to remain young and energetic all through his life.

Another important member found in the family of this precious stone is Golden beryl. The golden color is attained due to the impurities of iron which adds to the existing features to produce a stone gold in color. The addition of these impurities makes this stone more precious which is otherwise ordinary looking except for its exceptional hardness. Most of the beaded jewellery , necklaces and ear rings are made out of this gem and widely used in the fashion world. The golden color adds substance to the jewellery when it is studded with these stones which look elegant. It is often used in the place of imperial topaz which is considered to be one of the most expensive jewellery in the family of precious stones.

The Beryl, the precious gem, it is generally believed by the fashion world that it can be studded in any type of jewellery due to its hardness and durability. Another important fact is that when compared to other gem stones this precious stone is affordable and it can be made into different sizes whether small, big or medium.

In spite of the hardness and durability this gem requires good maintenance, however care should be taken when it is cleansed with soap water and soft clothes. The soapy solution should be rinsed off thoroughly. It should not be stored with other gem stones as there are chances of getting scratched. Avoid working in the kitchen wearing this jewellery as chemicals like bleaches and acid can damage the jewellery. The availability of the colored stone with respect to the price has a place in the jewellery market and it is also used for making spectacles.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

Available Colors :

Blue, Green, Pink, Red etc.


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