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Coral gemstone which is also called red coral or Lal Moonga is one of the most precious gems in the gem family. It is an organic gem stone and should not be confused with mined stone or any other mineral. This metal which is the possession of the sea is the secretion continuously deposited by the marine polyps. They resemble under water plants but in reality they are not. The colour of this wonderful gem is red and greater the depth from where the coral is found darker the colour of the coral. From its usual red colour you can also find pink, reddish pink, scarlet, saffron etc. It has a matte finish and glossiness is added to it by polishing the gem.

The colour of the stone does not fade away and it is permanent. This stone is also studded in materials that are used for decorative purposes. The popularity of this precious gem stone has not gone down and it is looked upon as one of the most important gem in jewellery making. By nature this stone is soft and so it is cut into different shapes and made into necklaces, bracelets etc.

This exquisite gem is found mainly in the Meditteranean Sea. It is also found in Atlantic and also off the coast of Portugal. This precious gem was traded between Mediterranean and India .It was highly priced and the Indians believed it to be a stone with lots of power and also were considered to be very sacred. Before the demand from the Indians this gem stone was studded in the weapons and other show pieces. But the demand for this stone became so great that it began to become a scarce commodity even in the regions where it was produced.

The most exciting nature of coral is that the plant is grown perpendicular from the surface where it is placed. The value of this gem is prized high mainly because it is considered to be very sacred and powerful when compared to other gem stones. It was used to decorate the weapons and to be believed to provide protection to the wearer. The Egyptians believed that this gem stone had the power to protect the dead bodies as it contained divine blood. This powerful stone was hung around the neck of the children to protect them from danger.

The permanent colour which is present in this gem has given it a prominent place in the world of jewellery. But care has to be taken when it is used daily. Extra care should be given to this wonderful gem when compared to other precious stones. Exposing this stone to sunlight can damage this gem. The beautiful red stone should be stored separately and cleansed only with soft cloth.

The coral gem from the ocean is not only famous for its origin but it is also unique as it is a product of a living thing under the water .Sometimes duplicate stones are sold in place of this original gemstone. To test whether its an original gem it can be magnified through a magnifying glass and if the gem is not smooth on the surface it is a fake gem. The presence of granules in the surface makes it a duplicate one. The original has the power to radiate its colour and make a slight change of colour in the solution in which it is placed. All these features make coral a priceless possession and one of the most beautiful gem in the world of gems.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

Meditteranean Sea, Atlantic, Coast of Portugal.

Available Colors :

Pink, Reddish pink, Scarlet, Saffron etc


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