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Cubic Zirconia another gemstone is a flawless material mostly colorless but artificially made into wide range of colors. It is confused with Zircon and also known as Cubic Zirconium.

It is usually considered as a substitute to Diamond .It is hard in nature and said to have the qualities of Diamond. It is a positive sign to see that this gem is being recognized as one of the most important gorgeous gem in recent years. Though it resembles Diamond in many ways this gem is inexpensive and the availability of this stone in different colours makes it more admirable and desirable.

This stone was discovered in 1937 consisted of crystals and appeared in cubic form. The new gem was not given any particular name and it came to be called by its scientific name Cubic Zirconia.

There is a very close resemblance between this beautiful gem and diamond. It is very difficult to identify the difference between these gem stones. But the physical and the chemical properties are quite different .The hardness and the density of this stone is less when compared to the real diamond. This beautiful gem has the tendency to get damaged easily when compared to the real diamond. It absorbs oil and becomes very cloudy if used daily. Extra care has to be taken if it is used as daily wear jewellery.

As far as the weight of this gem is concerned it weighs slightly more than the diamond. But sometimes it is said that this gem stone can even cheat the eye of a good gemologist because of its great resemblance to diamond. Each gem has its own refractive index properties. This is one of the most important features which differentiate one gem stone from the other. As far as this precious stone is concerned the shining and sparkling of this stone is less brilliant than the diamond. The refractive index property of this gem is less than the diamond stone. To observe this difference is a difficult task. A buyer cannot understand the differences and they have to naturally depend on the gemologist.

A large carat Cubic Zirconia may shine more than a diamond but the amount of brilliance and the quality a diamond exhibits is more when compared to the former. The more you increase the carat size the difference is visible between these two precious stones.

This is a very affordable gem and so it has occupied a place in the jewellery world. Another most important feature is its flawless nature. When compared to other stones this gem appears flawless .It is very difficult to find a diamond that is flawless. Impurities are almost present in the diamond. A flawless diamond is always rare and expensive. This characteristic feature cannot be seen without a jewelers loupe which means it cannot be seen through naked eyes. The cost of this gem is also very less when compared to diamond.This exquisite gem stone though considered inferior to diamond is accepted by the gem world due to its low cost and also because of the wide range of colors in which it is available. It is truly a wonderful gem which is colorless almost equivalent to diamond and so occupies an important place in the jewerllery world.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

Seiland, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Bancroft, Sudbury, Canada, United States, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania and France

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