I – Publications about Sudan:

A – Printed & Distributed:

  1. Directory of Major Companies in Sudan – Reference Book 2005/6, 1st edition.
    Fruit of three years of research & documentation.

2.  a – SCOVA – Sudanese Council of Voluntary Agencies Guide, 2006
b – Catalogue of International Fair of Khartoum 2005

B – To Print & Distribute during the First Quarter of 2022

  1. Directory of Major Companies in Sudan – Reference Book 2021/22, 2nd edition.
  2. Directory of ISO, Quality & Excellence in Sudan, 2021/22
  3. Successful Investment Projects in Sudan 2021/22.
  4. Directory of Free Zones in Sudan, 2021/22

Fruits of (7) years of hard & assiduous work in tight collaboration with
Sudanese & Foreign Associates who from the outset, read my mind and
joined my Dream.

 C – To Print & Distribute by, 2022.

  1. Sudan Agriculture, 2022
  2. Sudan Health, 2022
  3. Sudan Education 2022
  4. Sudan Tourism, 2022 This is subdivided in the various types of Tourism
    in Sudan and printed in several world languages.
  5. Prominent Personalities in Sudan, from 1401A.D. till date (7 to 9 Volumes).

II – Horn of Africa Languages Courses Center.

Currently we cater for following languages:
Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo, Swahili, Nubian,Hausa and Arabic
(this for non Arabic speakers).

III – Services

  We Provide :
– Market Information

– Market Research
– Marketing(Products & Services)
– Feasibility Studies
– Public Relations
– Trade:
– عناَ بلبنان  (INNA  BLUBNAN )
– عندنا في السودان  (INDANA  FISSUDAN)
– Your Health & Your Family health and
  Treatment in LEBANON

For Any Information
About any Company in Sudan,&/or About any of The(35)
Topics about Sudan, we can Tailor Information to your Requirements.

IV – Media & Press.

We are currently in contact with some World TV Channels to cover the region
from Khartoum as we shall be active covering as well several countries of Africa.
Our Plans are backed by our experience aimed at the markets we have known
and currently we are planning to cover to the best satisfaction of our Principals
with our local business associates technical help and support.
A – PHA did represent Mediasat LBC – Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation
       covering Sub-Sahara Countries from 1995 to 2000.

B – PHA witnessed & monitored the birth of MBC, Middle East Broadcasting
in London, UK.

V – Conferences & Forums.

   We have planned for the 1st quarter of 2021