After a dozen of years from my first book about Sudan “Directory of Major Companies in Sudan – Reference Book”, (See our website, I have been quite often asked about the 2nd edition of the same; or any new book about Sudan. The Directory/Reference Book has been quoted by Sudanese and foreigners as # 1 Directory about Sudan.

It is confirmed that for over half a century there were no books of this tenure about Sudan; and books are now the vehicles of rich data and good pictures; and a new book is what we planned to publish by end of December 2019 under the title of “Directory of Mining Companies in Sudan”, beside the 2nd edition of the Directory of Major Companies in Sudan 2005/2006.

Investments prospects in Sudan mining are very well known to the world over. Hence the participation of foreign companies in exhibition and forums over (4) consecutive years coupled with frequent visits of geologists and officials of western world countries who have been warmly welcomed and some are already deeply involved in this rich sector of Sudan as they are quite benefitting to their satisfaction.        

This book is also an opportunity for foreigners to learn more about Sudan minerals and stones and to share the benefits of investments that are not easily found in any other country.

Our first book about Sudan in general had the acclaim of foreigners as well as the Sudanese. We trust this second book about Sudan mining too, will undoubtedly satisfy the requirements and the needs of Researchers and Investors alike. 

We invite you to join us in the Directory of Mining Companies in Sudan 2019/2020.

 Kindly ask us for Rates.

The Directory of Mining Companies Description

The Mining sectors included:

(Advisors – Carosserie – Catering – Chemicals – Concessions – Consultancy – Crushers – Dredging – Drilling – Environment – Equipment – Exploration – Gem Stones – Hotels/Apartments – Import/Export – Labs – Logistics – Manpower – Metals Buyers – Mining Power – Oils & Lubricants – Petroleum Equipment – Petroleum & Gas – Piling – Power Generation – Prefab (Housing & Office) – Procurement – ICT – Screens – Soil – Solar Energy – Sub Contractor – Surveying – Tires – Traditional Mining – Tubes – Vehicles).

Section One: About Mining in Sudan in over 25 Topics (please check the Titles in the attached document The Directory of Mining Companies Topics).

Section Two A: Companies Profiles.

Section Two B: Advertisers.

Section Three: General Information.

Sudan Mining Directory Rates Titles 2019/2020


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Best regards

Paul Hormez Azzo (Cavaliere)

Managing Director