After a dozen of years from my Masterpiece Book about Sudan “Directory of Major Companies in Sudan – Reference Book”, (ask for a PDF), I have been quite often asked about the 2nd edition of the same; or any new book about Sudan, and I have a couple of books under completion: The 2nd edition of above book, revised and updated for the “dawn a new era in Sudan”, and for your kind information, this Directory/Reference Book has been quoted by Sudanese and Foreigners alike as # 1 Directory for decades, and the second is “Successful Investment Projects in Sudan 2019/2020”, the right guide for investing in Sudan.

Beside above said books, a new book that we planned to publish by December, 2019 is the “Directory of Mining Companies in Sudan”,

For over one year and half now we have been working on the Directory of Mining Companies in Sudan, we are determined to make it to international standards and that with the assistance of local & world expert.

It will encompass over (40) different types of minerals and stones extracted over the last (50) years either by local and foreign companies or jointly.

Investments prospects in Sudan mining are well known. Hence the participation of foreign companies in exhibition and forums over (4) consecutive years in Khartoum were coupled with frequent visits of Geologists and Officials of western world countries, both were warmly welcomed and some are already deeply involved in this rich sector of Sudan.        

This Mining Directory of us is also an opportunity for foreigners to learn more about Sudan minerals and stones and to share the benefits of investments that are not easily available in other countries.

Our first book about Sudan in general had the acclaim of Foreigners as well as the Sudanese. We trust this second book about mining in Sudan too will satisfy the requirements and the needs of world Researchers and Investors. 

In case you are a Sudanese or Foreign Investor, a Mining Company or Service &/or Products Supplier to Mining, an Organizations, interested in being part of this International Directory of Mining in Sudan,  or you are a University or College of Mining, an Association of the sector or a Chamber of Commerce interested in  contributing with Data & Information in a Chapter of just an advice, you all are most welcome.

The printing of our Directory of Mining in Sudan shall be done in Beirut, Lebanon by November 2019.

Thanking you in advance for your kind collaboration, we remain,

Sincerely Yours,

Paul Hormez Azzo (Cavaliere)Managing Director