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What is peridot?

Peridot is derivative from the French term peritot which means vague, possibly due to the inclusion and gloomy nature of huge stones. This is extremely plain and charming gemstone is only found in single shade all over the world and that is green-gold shade. Peridot stones are created by silicate and iron.

Where do they form?

Peridot is discovered in the rocks formed by volcanoes and still in meteors that drop to earth. A small number of mock-ups of celestial peridot have yet been faceted into gems. Peridot is shaped profound in the earth under terrific high temperature and pressure.

  • VARIETY OF: Olivine, (Mg, Fe) 2SiO4.
  • CLEAVAGE: usually not discernible
  • CRYSTAL SYSTEM: orthorhombic
  • COLOR: shades of green usually from yellow-green to greenish yellow.
  • INDEX OF REFRACTION: 1.630 – 1.695
  • HARDNESS: 6.5 – 7

Physical Properties :


Color is an exceptional feature of this stone. It is one among the gemstones that exist in solitary color. The essential color is light green with the slight touch of golden/yellow in it. Distinction in green is reliant on quantity of iron in the chemical composition. It is the coloring means for this good-looking gemstone; more the iron contented deeper is the green color. The finest -colored Peridot would comprise it between 2-14%.


This marvelous gem is slight sturdy to hold during the early stages. The jagged crystals are hard to practice and term for accuracy of gemstone cutters while cutting else may smash into pieces. It is cut as indicated by the crystal formation. Stones larger in size are cut into special specimen stones whereas the smaller ones are formed as standardize gemstones.


Clarity of the gemstone is on the regular side. A small number of flaws are for all time there which are detached while cutting. In general the disconcerting inclusions are detached as only some fine silky inclusions are kept as it is. Stones with complete clearness can be seen but are quite exceptional.

Carat weight:

It is the major determinant of the value of the stone in monetary terms. More the carat mass more is the price. Regularly, smaller cut stones that are placed in trinkets objects are between 1- 4 carat. Gemstone which is more than 4 carat is relatively costly. Carat weight between 10- 15 is uncommon and value more.

Natural Occurrence :

Egypt, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Hawaii, China, United States of America, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Australia, Minas Gerais at Brazil, Kohistan in Pakistan, Eifel at Germany and Chihuahua at Mexico.

Available Colors :

Radiant green shine, the essential color is light green with the slight touch of golden/yellow in it.


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