A series of precious stones 28/32


According to the Greeks the word opal means change of colour. Fire opal is a gorgeous precious stone and its color ranges from yellow to orange red. The name is derived due to the fiery orange color of the precious gem. When compared to the precious Opal gem this stone may not exhibit the same flashes of color when kept under any source of light. However this beautiful precious gem was admired the most in countries like India, Central America, and other Persian kingdoms. This exquisite stone is filled with such great energy that it seemed to all that this gem would have been brought to earth directly from a paradise filled with water.

History reveals that this gem stone was used largely by the natives of Mexico but lost its significance in the long run. It was totally forgotten for a long time and then in the early eighteenth century this stone gained popularity again. The mining of this stone was done systematically and as a result this wonderful gem came to be regarded as the national gem stone of that country.

Brazil is another country from where this precious stone was discovered. The yellow orange colored stone discovered from Brazil stands apart due to the beautiful color. The size of the stone is remarkable and it is as big as a man’s fist. This beautiful gem stone is setting a new fashion trend in the jewellery world. All fire opals are not the same. The vivacious color present in the stone makes this gem more valuable than the stones with lesser color. The fascinating play of color makes this gorgeous stone expensive. However with or without play of colors this gaudy stone is one of the top quality gemstone.

This precious gem are cut into different shapes as the size of the stone gives the gem cutters liberty to handle the gem in whichever way they liked. The oval shape given to some of these stones allow the orange light to pass through it and due to the rich glow produced by this stone it is regarded as the most valuable one.

The stone has been cut very carefully so that the majestic color of the stone remain intact .Care should be taken to keep the stone away from heat otherwise the water content present in the stone may allow it to crack when it is dried artificially. This is due to the uneven distribution of water in the stone.

This beautiful gem maintains the water balance and so it can be worn daily but care should be taken to safeguard it from cosmetics. This stone can also be polished when the sparkling shining is lost.

This exquisite stone is said to give the wearer courage, stamina, energy, will power and a positive approach to life .Three main characteristics which determine the value of this stone is its play of color, its body color and transparency. The more intense the color the more transparency and the stone is priced high. This gem should be taken care as the water content present in it may crack the jewel when it is dried.

This precious stone however gives a lot of joy to the wearer and make us a nature lover. This colorful gem is a gift to us from nature in its most wonderful form.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

India, Central America, and other Persian kingdoms.

Available Colors :

Yellow and Orange red.


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