A series of precious stones 27/32


The term garnet usually refers to a group of more than ten gemstones with same chemical proposition having a different appearance. The most common color of this gemstone is Red although other colors are also found. This gorgeous deep red stone is found mostly in antique jewellery. It is sad to notice that we are unaware of the fact that this garnet world is more colorful than what we know. Though red is the principal color present in the stone in countries like Africa this stone is enhanced with other colors. The change of style and fashion in the jewellery world has given this gem stone a prominent place due to the spectacular color of the stone. It keeps pace with the modern trends in the jewellery world. The strong resemblance of this stone to the seeds of pomegranate is why it came to be called as garnet.

The main feature that distinguishes this gorgeous gemstone from other stones is the hardness of the stone. Most of them with few exceptions have this hardness and this important feature has made this sparkling stone occupy an important place in the world of jewellery. Another positive quality of this gem is the insensitive nature of the stone which makes it very easy to work with. It should not be knocked down or exposed to overheating.

This sparkling gem was first discovered at the Kunene River on the border between Namibia and Angola. Until the discovery of this gem stone collectors and lovers of gemstone used this stone rarely, but with the discovery of this stone the entire gemstone world was changed. It started to adorn the jwelleries and later on with this stones being discovered in Nigeria the demand of this stone shot up. Only an experienced gemologist could find out the difference between the stones of these two different countries.

The green variety of this precious stone is a gem that has tremendous importance than that of a diamond. The only color that is not found among this stone is blue. This precious gem with numerous colors is not only used in jewels but it is used to protect us and also cure us from many diseases. This precious colorful gem is also considered as sacred stone by the American Indians, the African tribal elders and the Mayans. The popularity of this stone does not limit it only to the jewellery world but also it has its significance in the industrial market.

This sparkling gem with its energizing and regenerating power comes in several forms depending upon the mineral base..The various types of garnets are the Almadine, Andradite, Grossular, Pyrope, Spessartine and Uvarovite. This long lasting gem has occupied an important place in the history. It is said that the hardness and durability of this precious gem came to light when it was found as beads in the necklace of a man in a grave some thousands of years ago.

This sparkling gorgeous gem is one of the few untreated gem. It is mistaken with other precious stones like ruby, topaz and emerald. Though a durable stone it should be protected from getting damaged and also from harsh temperature and other chemicals. This is a wonderful stone which fascinates everybody with its rainbow of colors. With its durability, hardness and wide range of colors this beautiful stone will always remain a precious stone in the world of gems and jewellery.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

Africa, Namibia and Angola.

Available Colors :

Red and other colours.