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Heliodor popularly known to be a variety of Beryl is another important member in the family of gems and it is also known as yellow Beryl. A deep study about this precious stone reveals that they are two different stones which can be easily differentiated by their colour, while Heliodor appears to be greenish-yellow the Beryl appears to be in golden colour. When compared to the other members in the family of Beryl this stone is not as common as emerald and aquamarine.

Large deposits of this precious stone was found in Germany, Brazil and Madagascar .These stones exhibit absolute clarity and they are also available in different shapes and sizes. This gem stone is also called yellow emerald by some vendors.The yellow rich colour of this gem is widely used to be cut into gemstones. When it comes to the making of jewellery this precious stones does not have much importance and very few jewelleries are made out of it and it is best suited for earrings,bracelets etc. gem is mostly prevalent among the gem collectors and mineral collectors.

The treatment of this gem is mostly done by heating and it brings about a change in the colour of the gem. The yellow colour found in this gem is attained by the impurities of iron which is present in the Beryl itself.

It is believed that like emerald and aquamarine this gem possess the power to protect the wearer from all kinds of evil .This precious stone enables the wearer to attain wisdom, knowledge, energy and also takes care of financial complexities. One myth associated with this gem is that it helps to find out the problems faced by our dear ones and also to find a solution to their problems.

The greatness and the importance of this gem are raised to a higher level when we come to know the fact that this gem honoured the goddess of spring. Another belief in connection with this stone is that as Heliodor has close connection with the Sun God.The stone of the sun always makes use of the fire and fills the house of the wearer with energy, bliss and strength. As it is considered as a gift of sun this belief is accepted by all. This precious gem is said to bring about a lot of confidence to the wearer and it also cures any problems associated with muscle.

This yellow coloured stone is actually one of the most excellent forms of Beryl. In fact at first only the golden Beryl was called by this name but gradually it was associated with different varieties. This precious gem has its own uniqueness because of its yellow colour which is attained from the iron impurities present in it.

Though this gem was not used for a long period, it made a tremendous come back among the gem collectors after it was given a prominent place and regarded as precious as aquamarine. The jewellery maker�s world over also makes use of this gem because of its brilliant colour.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

Germany, Brazil and Madagascar .

Available Colors :

Greenish – yellow


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