A series of precious stones 31/32


Iolite usually called the gem of the Vikings is another member in the precious stone family. It is believed that the Viking explorers used a weapon made out of lolite gem to determine their position whenever they ventured far out into the ocean. They used it as a lens to find out the exact position of the sun by which they could navigate safely and reach their destination. This gemstone had the power to appear in different colors when observed from different angles. This nature of the stone is otherwise known as PLEOCHROISM and it made this wonderful gem valuable to the Vikings .It appeared as violet from one angle, clear as water from the other and honey yellow from the top. If the stone is not cut in the right direction the color of the stone will not be seen clearly.

This quality to view different colors is what distinguishes this colorful stone from other precious stones .Sapphire and Tanzanite are always confused with this stone .But this gem is softer than the former and harder than the latter. The color of this gorgeous gem is mostly blue and violet .It appears in other colors also, like yellow, grey, blue, and brown .As this precious stone has the capability to project three different colors in different angles it is called trichoric.

This gem stone is mainly found in many parts of the world .Major sources come from India. However Australia, Brazil, Canada, Myanmar and Madagascar also produce this stone. This stone is said to produce happiness and also find solutions to the problems in an easy way. This soft gem makes us understand the purpose of our existence in this planet .The most fascinating quality which we find in ourselves when we wear this stone is the feeling of protection we get, the calmness and comfort we acquire. The functioning of the brain is improved when we wear this stone. Another interesting fact is that the lovely crystal when worn will reduce the fat content of the body and make the wearer look slim.

The excellent pieces of jewellery made from this precious crystal include earrings, necklaces etc. These beautiful lilac stones are third eye chakra stones and gives excellent result when in contact with our aura. Among these stones the violet and the indigo occupies an important position .The blues stone is always referred to as the dream crystal .The indigo stone is considered as the stone of judgment.

It is interesting to notice that this gem is not marketed much and so it is not well known to the average consumers. The consumers are not confident whether the material will be available in surplus even though its resources exist in many countries. As the value of this stone is not realized in the gem trade its still low priced lower than other stones.

This gem stone should be protected from getting damaged. It should be protected from receiving hard blows or knocks. This precious colorful jewelry should be kept away from other gemstones to prevent it from getting scratched. High steamers should be avoided while cleaning this crystal stone. This wonderful blue crystal stone is gaining popularity and slowly occupying a prominent place in the world of jewelry.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Myanmar and Madagascar

Available Colors :

Blue, Violet, Yellow, Grey, Blue, and Brown


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