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Ivory the name brings to our mind the tusks and teeth of animals .Besides being used in the art or manufacturing it occupies its own place in the jewelry world. It is one of the precious material used in high quality jewelry. The value of it is very high as it is an organic mineral derived from some animals with certain peculiar characteristics. It is not simply a gemstone or a mineral from rock. This whitish yellow substance is organic in nature. It is very attractive and expensive too.

The colour of this valuable mineral is either white or yellowish white. The more whiter this precious organic mineral is valued high. With the passing of the time it can be noticed that this organic mineral turns yellowish but the beauty of it increases.It is obtained from animals like elephant, hippos , walrus, and also many other marine animals.

It is soft when compared to other precious stones and so it can be cut into any shape .The stability of it depends upon the way we take care of it .The size of the ivory is always dependent upon the size of the animal which creates it..The jewelry made out of it has great demand and it is also used to make buttons, piano keys, statues, billiard balls etc .The statues and pianos made out of this wonderful mineral is not made of one single piece but from many pieces.

The general tendency of the people is to associate this exquisite mineral with elephants alone. The fact is that it comes from mammals belonging to different varieties. Dentine the hard substance containing calcium that forms the main part of the tooth is used to make the jewel .It can be carved with a knife and made into any shapes. Rings ,bracelets.etc are made out of this organic mineral and this has become one of the reason for the extinction of these animals.

Due to the killing of animals for ivory the poachers have brought these animals to the verge of extinction .As a result of the ban executed in the killing of these animals the supply of this organic mineral decreased .However synthetic ivory has come up in its place .It bears a very close resemblance to the original one .But comparatively the cost of is lesser than the original one.

There are lot of sculptures made out of the organic mineral.The composition of this mineral is the same as that of the teeth.This wonderful elegant organic mineral is as valuable as a diamond.Apart from its aesthetic nature its durability also attracts many buyers.This precious organic mineral is said to give a positive vibration to the wearer.It also helps the wearer to guard himself from evil spirits.But this material though considered to be sought after is becoming very rare as elephants are becoming extinct.

Known as supreme nurturer this wonderful stone adorns the world of jewelry.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

Available Colors :

White or Yellowish white.


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