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Jade is another mineral in the family of precious stone and it is relatively hard and found in the 19th century. It is a mixture of two minerals. jadite and nephrite. It is believed that this gemstone was considered as a remedy to cure all ailments connected with kidney, and came to be known as nephrite.

As time passed by it was discovered that these two stones are different except for their appearance and colour. Both these stones also appeared to be hard and tough. The colour of jade is usually green but it can also be pink, red, black and brown. The variation of colour is common in this precious stone and it is distributed evenly only in the purest form. It is hard to find this gem stone without any blemishes on it. But this is not considered as something of low quality because this gemstone with all these veins and blemishes look beautiful and are considered to be a valuable gem. These patterns are rare and adored by most in the fashion world.

This precious gem is mostly found in China, Newzealand, Russia and Swiszerland. This stone is usually studded in bracelets and necklaces. Jade carving, a method by which all the unwanted materials present in this gem is removed, to make it shine to make brighter like a mirror.

There are lots of myths associated with this beautiful gem.It is believed that wearing this gem will give peace and balance. It is believed that very little about this gem, but its wonderful colour and fine texture made it attain a high position in the family of precious stones.

This valuable gem can be tested to be real or not by holding it in your hand. A original one takes time to get warm when held in hand and the smooth nature of this stone makes it convenient to the people to hold it for a a long time. The texture of this stone can be very fine or medium depending upon the size of the stone and the hardness of the crystal. This green crystals purity is tested by its transparency .A pure jade always is semi transparent allowing the light to pass through it but the image seen through it will not be crystal clear. The image appears to be slightly blurred.

The size of this crystal stone is written in millimeters. The cost of this precious gem varies according to the size. The bigger the stone the gem it is priced higher and at the same time the quality is also taken into consideration. The value of this gem is also determined by the cut on the stone. It is cut into round shapes and this has more commercial value. As told earlier the size and the weight also determine the value of jade.

This fascinating gemstone is loved both by the collectors and jewellery lovers. It is considered as a wonderful gem by the ancient and modern jewellery designers. This precious stone gives the wearer joy, happiness and all positive vibration. With all these positive qualities, exceptional beauty and wonderful colour this stone has occupied an important place in the gem family.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

China, Newzealand, Russia and Swiszerland.

Available Colors :

Green, Pink, Red, Black and Brown.


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