A series of precious stones 22/32


The precious stones occupy an important place in the life of almost all the individuals. Each and every year we can find that new gems come out in the market and eventually new names too are given to these gems. The new gem otherwise called the young gem stone or Kunzite is now adorning almost all ornaments worldwide and has occupied a very prominent place in the jewellery market. This gemstone is named after the famous gemologist George Frederick Kunz who first took the initiative to give an explanation about this gem .This gemstone was first discovered in California. It is also found in Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The colour of this precious stone is pink and even you can find shades of violet, lilac ,yellow and green also. The yellow stone is known as Triphane and the green as Hiddenite. The darker the stone the value of the stone rises up. The method of heating is also done to enhance the colour and beauty of the stone. If exposed to direct sunlight there are chances of this precious stone getting faded. Another notable feature is that this precious stone when viewed from different angles projects wide range of colours.

This precious stone is largely used by women mainly because of the pink colour. It is said that young mothers and babies are benefitted a lot when they wear this stone. It is believed that nervousness and anxiety during an examination, mental depression due to break up after a relationship and any negative vibration can be eradicated by wearing this precious stone. This stone guards us against all evil spirits and help us to be free from all negative feelings.

This precious gem has to be cut with great care. If the stone is not knocked with perfection, chances are there to be chipped off easily and get damaged. The gem is mostly used to adorn a pendant or decorate any beautiful objects. These precious stones are less found in ornaments like rings, necklaces as it is very difficult to find small Kunzite stones which perfectly fit into this jewellery. This exquisite gem is mostly worn in the evenings to avoid getting damaged by sunlight. This stone is not priced very high as deposits of this stone is found extensively thus making it an affordable gem.

The combination of these precious stones with other stones will help us increase the good vibration of our body to a high level. This gem has a lot of healing power also. In spite of all these positive traits the sellers keep the fact away from the buyers. Due to the fragile nature of the jewel it is always advised that care should be taken to handle it in a safe manner so that no damage is caused while it is being cut and used in jewellery. When it comes to the cleaning of the jewellery it is advisable to take professional care and if done at home it may damage the gem stone.

Kuzite with all its positive qualities has occupied a prominent place among the gem stones, but still there are other qualities that are unknown to the world waiting to be discovered.

Physical Properties :

Natural Occurrence :

California, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Available Colors :

Pink, Violet, Lilac ,Yellow and Green


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