Subject: Minerals in Sudan and Directory of Mining Companies Investment & Business 2019/2020.

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Section 1

Chapter one

  1. Introduction
  • Location of The Sudan
  • Physiography
  • Socio-economic features and Population
  • Climate and Vegetation
  • Economic Overview
  • Water resources
  • Hydrocarbon resources
  1. Geology of Sudan
  • Basement complex
  • Basins and depressions
  1. History of mining in Sudan

Chapter two

  1. Rocks and Minerals in Sudan:
  • Mineralization setting, types and localities.
  • Classification of minerals and rocks.
    • Industrial Minerals.
    • Strategic Minerals.
    • Agro-Minerals.
    • Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Radioactive Minerals.
    • Decorative and Building Stones.
  • Geophysical Exploration.
  • Economic Potentialities and Uses.



Chapter three

  1. Investing in mining
  2. Environmental permitting and management
  3. Safety occupational health and environment in mining
  4. Social responsibilities
  5. Toward a vision of mining in future
  6. Ministry of energy and mining
  7. Geological Research Authority of Sudan (GRAS)
  8. National Geological Council
  9. Mining and Geo-sciences at Sudanese Universities
  • Gender in extractive industry
  • Investment opportunities in Sudan after signing of the Constitutional Document.

Chapter four



3.Related Mining Services.


P.S.: Above are thirty topics by local and foreign Professors and Doctors.


Section 2

Profile and Advertisement of local and foreign Mining Companies & Support and Services.


Section 3

Insertion of Geologist and Mining Engineers names, contacts with shortened Curriculum Vitae and Picture. The list is very large but we are working on couple of hundreds, local and foreign.


Section 4

General Information about Sudan, necessary & useful for expatriates. Updated info similar to our directory of major company in Sudan.


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