Music for Peace was founded in the early nineties by  Stefano Rebora.

In the early nineties, Stefano Rebora needed an idea to communicate with young people. Not a banality. Not even something already seen. He wants to respond directly and concretely to people through people.

Actions: entertain and communicate.

The goal: to help and raise awareness.

The result: Music for Peace.

Stefano in 1994 created the event that will sanction the birth of the association. At that moment he gives life to an idea that changes and distorts the conception of solidarity and of the whole world of associations.

who they help
An event that takes the name of “Music for Peace” in which artists, musicians, DJs, P.R. from all over the city, from all over the nation for free, as a volunteer.

A non-stop event. Ten days of clean fun and involvement with one goal: to be there to help. No cachet and no reimbursement of expenses. Thousands of participants. Entrance ticket: basic necessities.

Those materials were distributed from the hands of those who organized the demonstration to those of civilians in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From that moment Music for Peace does not remain an idea, it does not stop at a name, it does not remain an event.

Music for Peace today is:

Over 30 emergency interventions in various parts of the world
Interventions on the national territory
1,492 tons of basic necessities distributed throughout the world
5 tons per month to families in the local area
20,000 students met in one year
4,000 m² of headquarters redeveloped with recycled and recovered material
1 multifaceted event unique in all of Italy. 80,000 users in 10 days
64 volunteers
70 national and international partnerships
collection – next supermarket
they collect basic necessities, medicines, educational articles …
What a Festival

Yesterdey our President and Founder of Glomedia Cav. Paul Azzo  had met with Sir.  Stefano Rebora,Founder & President of “Music For Peace”  and both discussed on a number of projects and Activities  being carried out by both Companies.