Lombard Bank – Beirut. Italian Co. ICDEC – Industrial & Logistics, Jeddah. French Construction Co. – Sainrapt & Brice. Jeddah. Cima Co. – Beirut. Cima Systems Ltd. London, UK. Cima-Azzo International – Chicago, ill. USA. CIMA – Contacts Internationaux Monde Arabe – Exhibitions & Forums for GCC & more in Italy. Merited the title of Cavaliere (similar to Sir) bestowed by Italian President. Pitney Bowes Marking Systems Inc. (USA). GCC. Polytrade – Dubai. Who is Who in the Arab World?

Sudan. A different story in Sudan: With ventures, promoted Sudan against all odds over.

A – Writing & Publishing of Books:

A1 – Directory of Major Companies in Sudan – Reference Book

a unique, unprecedented, independent, unbiased and world appreciated Book.

A2 – ISO, Quality, Excellence & Environment in Sudan.

A3 – Successful Investment Projects in Sudan.

A4 – Directory of Mining Companies in Sudan, to be published by November 2019.

B 1– Exhibition executed: B1 – SIMPEX – November 2018 (Sudan International Health), after the great achievements in Italy.

B2 – Exhibitions Proposed: Sudan International Health – November 2019. B3 – Italy in Sudan, B4 – India in Sudan, B5 – Ethiopia in Sudan, B6 – Egypt in Sudan.

C – HOA (Horn of African Languages) Center. Khartoum, HUB of Indigenous Languages of the Continent.