12 October 2021

Youtube # 6

Prof. Efrem Yildiz Scholars/Collaborators, mine: Marketing & Sales.

Shlama – Salam first of all on behalf of Dr. Eng. GEORGE MARQUS of Dubai, UAE, the SPONSOR of all the sessions of the YOUTUBES; Shlama, Salam from me and from my small team of (3) active persons seriously dedicated to “A&F …Guide”, Shlama, Salam from Prof. Efrem Yildiz, Vice Chancellor of Salamanca University in Spain, President of Mesopotamia Alliance, and managing Academic Nineveh Chair, this last it sponsors Assyrian University students to further higher Education

Prof. Efrem Yildiz, with his great team is for us an incredible support for the printing of “Assyrians & Friends…. Guide” beside his invitation to his homologues Friends- Scholars, Assyrians & non Assyrians that they will provide “A&F Guide” with articles about Assyrian History, Culture & Civilization. What a Grace from the Almighty God !

This is our 6th YOUTUBE session about “A & F….Guide”. I am confident you enjoyed the previous ones. In case you have comments, that’s what we desperately need. You are then actually contributing to the Project in progress, let it be a staunch criticism, no matter. I can bear, I must accept it.

This is not My Project, nor Ours with few persons or even a large group of persons, Scholars thru the courtesy of Prof. Efrem, Media-Sales by me; instead, it is every Assyrian and all Friends of Assyrians Project. Kirpicha min kipicha – Yulpana Yulpana, Yulpana – (min Kiroich d’ahawata banakh beitan, banakh marduthan, banakh Omtan.

Prof. Efrem Yildiz and his Colleagues of Scholars, You, me and my Colleagues of activists Omtanaye, b’ maruduthan, b’khobban banakh beitan, banakh Omtan.

One + One does make 2? NO ! It make 11, this is a great Kashmiri saying. I personally add that 1+1 is 111 – 1,111- and more up to the five millions that we Assyrians are between Diaspora and Home and yet, we are not a minority, not minor to any big number, though we all Assyrians should be proud of being 1 + 1, plus one plus one, to the infinite.

We all are the number 1, i.e. the 1st as we are 2nd to none, for each one of us is fully dedicated to his/her work, honest and benefitting the society Home & Diaspora.

Paul – A&F ….GUIDE