Sudan, like most African countries, suffers from media blackout. Most of the news about it is about wars, epidemics, malnutrition or foreign aids, which puts Sudan in a 3rd  world countries row, underdeveloped, poor, full of  illness and some may go to the extreme of imagining that wild animals live among  human beings  in the capital of Sudan Khartoum, this image that people may have is incorrect – maybe partially in some parts of Sudan- and that’s exactly what I thought before I moved here.

During the first year in Khartoum, I fell in love with Sudan. The kind of love that  makes me prefer living here rather than anywhere else in the whole world. For this reason I have made it my personal goal to promote Sudan worldwide through my books.

In 2006 my first project to promote Sudan “Directory Of Major companies in Sudan” was brought to light. From its title, some readers might think it is a purely commercial book to promote companies – and I do not deny or underestimate this aspect – but it’s much more than that, as it contains thirty five topics about Sudan in a transparent , nonbiased and free manner . The book allows any reader to easily  understand Sudan.

Sudan is like the Pearl inside a least appealing shell but trust me, this pearl you definitely should try to see at least once in your life time to enjoy the company of mixed races with different backgrounds, opinion and faith. To taste their traditional food that tastes like nothing you ever tasted before, and to enjoy the beautiful amazing nature of Sudan.

Before you come here, I advise you to read a book by Dr. Badralddin Hashemi,  composed in several articles by foreigners who lived in Sudan, in the name of “Sudan with foreign eyes”  the same title i choose for this article.