Here in Sudan there is a sizeable Indian community, blended with   Sudanese culture to a certain extent. Indian community in Sudan is one of the largest and most entrepreneurial communities: In trade, industry, travel and retail businesses. The respect, rather the intimacy between the two communities is due to a harmonious coexistence. Sudanese fancy Indian foods, Indian clothing, Indian films, Indian cinema, the Bollywood. There is hardly a Sudanese house without one or two persons who fancy Indian series.

Today I want to show you one part of Indian culture and religion. Hindu mela is the world’s largest religious festival, with millions of pilgrims traveling to bathe in the holy rivers for the spectacular kumbh mela. the Hindu devotees already started gathering this week on Sunday in northern India on Allahbad “Prayagraj”. The mela officially started Tuesday and runs until March 4th.

the Hindus believe bathing there during the kumbh helps cleanse sins, get rid of pains and frees the soul, what now is considered an only religious festival originally aimed to revive the glories Hindu past and civilization to fight the British cultural colonialism.

according to Sudan vision, dated 16.1.2019. The Mela was recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2017.

we wish every Hindu a happy mela.