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Topic : PHA C.V.

Paul Hormez Azzo,

Title : Cavaliere, ”Knight of the Italian Republic”, by Italian President.

Dob: 19th of July, 19 (you continue the rest of the figures. I have my own !

Place of birth: Lailake – Beirut/Lebanon.

Philosophy Degree: Terra Sancta College – Bethlehem, West Bank.

Hobbies: Reading – love all domestic animals, but not all the wild ones.

Interests: Collecting Data about specific subjects & Writing Reports &

/or Books.

Relieve (not retire): I pride I had met with an honorable Sudanese Shaikh (RIP), who fostered some (600) orphans of both genders in a large compound in Karari, north Omdurman – Khartoum, and I had the God blessings to contribute, thru the generosity of Dr. Vincenzo, then the head of the “Cooperazione Italiana”, this being the economic arm of the Italian Embassy in Khartoum, and all that was on kind intimation of the then Ambassador, H.E. Fabrizio Lobasso. The Almighty God bless him.

Positions occupied over the decades:

I – Head of Loan Dept. at Lombard Bank – Beirut, Lebanon.

II – Public Relations Mgr. at Sainrapt & Brice (with 6,000 employees).

III – Free lance:

  1. Promoting of Italian products & technologies in Gulf Countries.
  2. Staging exhibitions during four consecutive years, in Italy for GCC countries.
  3. Organizing & running one Forum for a Bank clients, in Italy.
  4. Accompanying an Official Delegation of Confindustria, around (120 delegates) (the Confederation of Italian Industries) to Saudi Arabian Officials.

For above achievements, I merited the title of Cavaliere, Knight of the Italian Republic, bestowed on me by the then Italian President, Sandro Pertini.

  1. Media/Sat LBC – Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation Representative in Sub-Sahara Africa, 1995 – 2000.
  2. First Publications: “Jeddah Commercial Directory” 1977, with a local Businessman