Topic: PHA Activities over five decades. Another Prelude to “Assyrians & Friends….. Guide”

I loved teaching twice a week, my eight nephews & nieces at “Hayee El-Sirian” in Achrafieh, Beirut while I lived five kms south of Beirut. I started earning money giving “Private Tuitions” of English & Italian to a couple of persons that my late father found for me (RIP) before I started working at a Bank.

Lombard Bank Beirut – Lebanon.

ICDEC – Italo & Loris Contri – Construction. Italians from Eritrea, (Eritrea menas Purple as it has 1,200kms of purple coral coast), then a Province of Ethiopia (the Greeks gave the name of Ethiopia that means “burned faces”). Brothers Contri then built the 2nd tallest tower in Jeddah after the TV building of (14) storey for Saudi Arabian Airlines. I was the Admin. Mgr. Many other Italians born in Eritrea who during 1972 fled Asmara to Jeddah. I remember that the “Federale” i.e. the General, (appointed by il Duce Mussolini) in Eritrea died in Jeddah. He had no one, and I cared about his burial. Some Italians went to Dubai and others all the way back to Italy.

Sainrapt et Brice (S&B) – French – Roads & Airports Construction – Jeddah – S. Arabia. Simple employee that ascended to PR Manager in less than two years. My salary then reached the top management rank of S. Riyals 4,000 (free of tax). Only one Assyrian Engineer in Riadh, working for an American company as Site Manager,whose name was Lawand, had that salary.

Italian Embassy – Jeddah – S. Arabia, P.R. Mgr. – I accepted the salary of Riyals. 2,000, the Italian Ambassador informed me to have the salary of S. Riyals 4,000 was his salary. I had a Vision: To promote Italian Products and Technologies. It worked out wonderfully !

I taught Italian language to Middle Eastern adults & English to Italian children at Circolo Italiano, Jedddah.

Jeddah Commercial Directory – Business Associate with a Yemeni Businessman

CIMA – Contacts Internationaux Monde Arabe – Beirut – Lebanon 1976

CIMA – Contacts Internationaux Monde Arabe – Jeddah – S. Arabia

CIMA SYSTEMS LTD. London – U .K. 1977

CIMA-AZZO International Inc. Chicago – Ill.USA – 1979

Polytrade – in partnership with Eng. George Nassar –“ who is who in the Arab World” (2) PUBLICATIONS.

With (3) peregrinations to East Africa – shuttling between Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah & Djibouti, Asmara, Addis Ababa. Investment of a Saudi Prince in Agriculture.

DIA Media Center, Khartoum – Sudan, covered Horn of Africa (HOA) countries. Within three years, I wrote & published “Major Companies in Sudan & Reference Book 2005/6 (MCIS)”, I can send a PDF to any interested person. The other book    was “ Directory of Sudanese & & Foreign NGO’s, 2006”.

GLOMEDIA Ltd. Co. several Books – “Horse Races in Darfur…. Peace in Sudan” “Carob Project” and last year Directory of Mining Companies in Sudan–DMC ??