SHLAMA –   Salam

Displacement & Repatriation – Assyrians & other Nations.  (Part one)

I hope you have seen & read UT #1 & #2.  I am confident that by now, you believe that A&F UTs are worth seeing and considering.  I Beg you to see them with your Family. Also inform your Friends & Colleagues. Your comments & recommendation are to the Assyrian Nation benefit. We welcome the staunchest criticism. Our current email is [email protected]

Before I start, I bring to your kind attention that the 2nd part of this UT # 3 is of tantamount importance. It is written by Prof. Efrem Yildiz. The Title is: “Assyrian recent history of 200 years of multiple evictions, displacements, expropriations of houses, lands & belongings, beside genocides. Make sure to see it.

I Am back again with you, dear Family & Friends. I confess past deficiencies or shortcomings, forgive me. I promise to try to improve soonest. My late father used to tell me: “Bead by bead until you succeed”.

This is your friend Paul Hormez Azzo (Cav.), jointly with Prof. Efrem Yildiz, the Authors of “A&F… Guide “. By the way, anyone of you, can lend us a hand, assist, help, contribute in one way or the other for the layouts, designs, old pictures, editing, printing  & even – at a later stage –  distribution  of the A&F….Guide, once it is printed. A nation is built with Support & Collaborations, Kirpicha min Kirpicha. Please contact me and propose an assignment that you can do against a payment or free as Contribution. This last will give you a chance to be honored with a free presence in the Directory, as we are considering something more & better. We are now encouraged by supporters, 100s of Relatives & 1000s of cherished Friends, Assyrians & non-Assyrians, from the cradle of civilization Mesopotamia, most of us now dispersed in countries over half the globe, much fewer locally displaced within our own historical lands of the Assyrian archipelago: Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Jordan.

Wednesday, October 6, I am joining a convoy of 1,200 persons to their homeland of the State of South Kurdufan – Sudan. These have been living in the outskirts of Khartoum for over four decades. They recently decided to go by the motto:  HOME SWEET HOME. The Government along with local & International NGO’s are helping them. I have a humble contribution thru a couple of International NGO’s that worked nicely in contributing few years back with aid to (600) street children, with building huge sheds, manufacturing beds providing mattresses and blankets, and garments. I see no problem for me to try to do something good for the displaced people of the South Kurdufan – Sudan. Am confident God will help me.

Isn’t this a similar case to the Assyrians displaced over many countries for several decades some over two centuries by now? Wouldn’t be the desire of most of us to return home, now that the world is smaller than a village? Doesn’t every Assyrian long for his/her birth place, his land, his ancestors environment?

Let’s do it together for the Assyrians worldwide. South Kurdufan is a small experience that will allow me to learn   for the bigger challenge towards the Assyrians.

Shlami w Iqari

Paul Azzo

UT # 3 – 09/21  – Displacement & Repatriation, in two parts: The 1st, about South Kurdufan – Sudan, which is ready and shall be recorded UTUBE 2moro Monday, morning and emailed to you same day. The 2nd is about Assyrians Displacement & Repatriation (Prof. E.Y. or substitute, UT # 4 below UT # 4 – 10/21  –  200 years of Assyrians Displacements & Hopes of Repatriation By Prof. Efrem Yildiz (thru these Assyrian Scholars of you list to me: Helen Naby, Michael Suroyo, Shamiram Makko, Alda Benyamen,  Hannibal Travis, Elen Naby, Nicholas Al-Jeloo or others I know, like Riyadh (Oshana) Al-Sindi, Namroud Shlimon   )

Ass I conclude, I strongly recommend you see  the 2nd part of this UT  which is of tantamount importance. It is written by Prof. Efrem Yildiz and  the title is: ” Assyrian recent history of 200 years  multiple evictions, displacements, expropriations of houses, lands & belongings, beside genocides