October 11,2021.

Shlama – Salam

RATES – Presence in line with your Position – Goal & your Contribution for the Success of the “A & F… Guide”.

Some of you have already seen Qty. (3) UTUBES + Plus Prof. Efrem Yidiz Video, total 4. Make sure you see all of them with Family & Friends and this # 5 UTUBE. There will be a total quantity of (45) UTUBES till the end of March, 2022, once a week to start with, in some six or seven languages per week, read to you by a number of Personalities/Collaborators of the “A & F……GUIDE”. Be one. Call me !

Let me announce that the SOPNSOR of all the (45) UTUBEs is Dr. Eng. George MARQUS of Dubai. GOD BLESS HIM. He had generously contributed for he believes that ours & you dream of “A & F…….GUIDE”

Looking at the displaced & dispersed on several occasions, over two hundred years, ASSYRIAN NATION, while wealthy in endurance & experience has been forcibly reduced to poverty, reason why I have considered to focusing on the Folk, lower strata rather than rich that are only recently prospering and mushrooming in spite of all odds, both in the M.E. and slightly better in the Diaspora.

The Giode shall be printed in full colors with hard Cover page, 300mm.

On your request, we shall send you all the RATES by email


I -The lowest (2) Rates are US$.30 with full name, work and residence addresses, phone, W/A, and email, 2nd for $.53 is with additional info to client’s choice.thirty words. I Shall send you a SPECIMEN, you can find o my personal facebook

II – Next comes the rates of one page, 2,3,4, 5, or more, A4 size page or parts: Quarter, third, half, three quarters. Prices start from $,75 up to $.165 and above.

III – Front & Back pages – Inside, I repeat Inside, from $.240 up to $.270, with Pictures & Texts, these rates are available to: Churches, NGO’s, Clubs: Social, Cultural, Sports, any organization for Assyrians, Yizidis, Shabak, Mandaneans, Turkumans, Arabs, Persians, Indians (Malabar) and others, Professionals, Businesspersons or anyone A & F.

VI – Sponsorship is from $.1,500 to $.1,750

VII – Partnership is from $,3,750 to $.4,000

VIII – Name & Logo on all pages except those pages already with adverts, on 100% of the pages around Qty. 300 times; or 50% of the pages, around 150 times, top or bottom of the pages from $.1,650 to $.2,250

IX – Other Presence are to Clients’ choice. We shall quote on request.

X – Qty. (45) UTUBEs are for $.2,250 – or Qty. (20) UTUBEs $.1,500, this starting early

January, 2022..


Code I-1 RATE US.$.30 (Thirty)   ‎

Paul Hormez Azzo (Cav.) – Glomedia Investment Co. Ltd. & Residence address in London, UK ,Tel. ‎‎+249 121138 415– WhataApp (same as Mobile) – email: paul _[email protected], Website: ‎www.diaglomendia.com ‎

Code I-2  RATE US.$.53 (Fifty three) ‎

Paul Hormez Azzo (Cav.) – Glomedia Investment Co. Ltd. & Residence address in London, UK ,Tel. ‎‎+249 121138 415– WhataApp (same as Mobile) – email: paul _[email protected], Website: ‎www.diaglomendia.com . This second, in addition to (30/45) words to own choice.‎

XII- A – Pay to: Dory Paul Azzo

Mr. Dory Azzo 

Lloyd’s Bank

Account Number – 31942460

Sort Code 77-33-05

B- Pay to Danny Paul Azzo