October 27, 2021

Monday, October 25, 2021 there has been a “MILITARY COUP”’.

Topic: Great Jobs, great Challenges, great Successes.

Thanks to Dr. Eng. George Marqus of Duai, UAE, the sponsor of the (45) UTUBES sessions we are running till the end of March, 2022, by which time the “ Assyrians & Friends Guide” should be out online and paper printed.

While the topic remains about “Assyrians & Friends…… Guide”, allow me to bring to you this small story, we all can learn from:  

I recall I had read an article about somebody from Texas, USA who was not happy to pay USD.1,500/month rent for a studio. Hence he decided to live in a School Bus. He bought one for USD. 2,000 and started the Project of making a house out the “junk school bus

Every job was an amendment or a replacement by him or a handy person and at times he resorted to a workshop. The big change was in sealing the windows and to add insulation material. He had an Ikea armchair and sofa bed that he shrank to fit for the space available. On top of the roof, he fixed solar power. At one time the whole bus was falling apart while cutting the chassis in the middle. He had injured his arm.

His dog died and his fiancée left him during the five months workshop as he was not that free for her. He worked relentlessly long hours, weekends and holidays and yet not one single day that he was absent from his job at the company as a draftsman. His own knowledge and experience in the field were useful to make some designs that spared him some money. At the end, he spared the rent of USD.1.500 as he had to pay only few hundred dollars per month between rent including amenities.

Our Project, the “Assyrians & Friends……Guide” is a much greater job than the Texan, with immense daily challenges. I stick by a Roman motto: “AD MAIORA NATUS SUM” which translates: I am born for greater matters. I had the business acumen to make & to intensify my contacts, though the business did not favor me at all times, but the acumen remained my comfort.

Charity starts at home. I did start with AZZO FAMILY TREE Project. The larger Azzo Family took me up to Italy, France UK and beyond where I found some relatives. Now more keen on our folk from Mosul who claimed descent from Hakkari, our refuge for a couple of millennia. Beside building the Azzo Family Tree, I ventured to make contacts with the four other Gunduknaye – Tkhumnay) families. These are: Barkho, Shlimon, Marcus beside Azzo. By the way, Gunduknaya is a Kurdish word that means “Bnai Matha”, I love to use. I Am pleased, I have scores of Assyrian & non-Assyrian Friends who like & follow the “Azzo Family Tree” most probably for we have a common problem: Lost Assyrian lambs among the Kurds and others, rather stolen Assyrian lambs by Kurds and others. After more than one hundred years there, similarly to few other Assyrians, I am finding my first cousins. With all this ordeal, I continue to look for Assyrian friends also, all over the globe…..

With this inquisitive spirit, I made more friends. I went enriching my data more than four years now. That was however the basic requirement of the “Assyrians & Friends …….Guide”. In the absence of Assyrians in Sudan, I had to employ three local persons on full time basis in my office of Khartoum – Sudan. I furnished the office with the necessary tools to become functional for the project, I sought the advice and help of a dozen of Assyrians friends, and since then, I continued roaming the M.E. countries ancestral HOME of the Assyrians ( believe it or not, with only 20% of left behind Assyrians), I make calls and send emails on daily basis. As a consolation, I became addicted to the Project. 76 countries hosts of the Assyrians in Diaspora, make 80% of the Assyrian Nation. What a drainage that was and it continues on daily basis ! I haven’t known any other nation with such calamity ! Does anyone of you dear views know? Please get me posted.

togetherLet’s pray the Almighty God and hope to rebuild our HOME on the historical site of Assyria, to bond Diaspora with Home thru preserving our Language, our Culture, our Civilization, our Identity. The Texan succeeded. With you, together we can succeed too ! Let’s make it happen.

Bsheina wa shlama !

Paul Hormez Azzo (Cavaliere) jointly with Prof. Efrem Yildiz, honored to be the Author of “ASSYRIANS & FRIENDS…..GUIDE”