Shlama – Salam

This morning I posted this motto on my FB:

“The difference between what we are and what we want to be is what we do”

This U TUBE is meant to be an Introduction of the “Guide and more….” about

”Assyrians & Friends, Professionals & Businesspersons worldwide Guide”, to be printed by Mar, 2022. HALLELUYA !

I am your FRIEND, Paul Hormez Azzo (Cav.), the Author, joined by supporters, 100s of Relatives & 1000s of cherished friends over many countries worldwide.

I am operating from Khartoum- Sudan, assisted by two non-Assyrian Collaborators: Mr. Abraham, Eritrean and Miss Sam, Sudanese.,

At Glomedia Investment Co. Ltd., Khartoum-Sudan and in all humbleness, am a renown and respected Researcher/Writer with (4) books about Sudan.

Since early January, am totally immersed in the “A & F ….Guide” with full dedication to my Assyrian Nation.

Prof. Efrem Yildiz, the Co-Author, is Vice Chancellor of Salamanca University, Spain and President of Mesopotamian Alliance, in charge of the ANC – ACADEMIC NINEVEH CHAIR. Ask us for details.

We are both working in total harmony with:

A First Group, a number of Assyrian Scholars invited by Prof. Efrem Yildz and myself to write articles about: Assyrian History, A. Culture, A. Civilization, A. Language and A. historical Homeland.

A Second Group, is now with a sufficient number of Collaborators under 21 in number to grow up to 33.

New Candidates are warmly welcome before October 15, 2021 to assist us to cover “Home & Diaspora”. A huge challenge ! You join, then it is not insurmountable!

Entries start for as little as 30 US$…. up to Sponsorship or Partnership. Kindly ask for RATES. Our email is [email protected]

Contributors are welcome. Names shall be mentioned in the “A & F Guide” Golden Pages.

The second U TUBE shall be run next week, gracefully by Prof. Efrem Yildiz.

Shamasha Giwargis Chenko and Eng. Admon Kabrial are the two lungs of “A & F Guide”.

You are ALL indiscriminately welcome to share above “A & F Guide” with ideas, and ideally with practical actions. Please write to me, and together, we decide where you can fit best to the service of the Assyrian Nation.

This “A & F Guide ….and more” shall have an Electronic Version.

This “A & F Guide ….and more” shall be printed in 20,000 copies; 5,000 shall be autographed by the two Authors, and shall be given as “Complimentary” to: Heads of States, Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, tentatively of the entire world.

This “A & F Guide …. And more” shall also be given as complimentary to UN Offices Consultants and Directors; to International NGO’s; to CEO’s of the largest Industries & Companies of the world; to a considerable number of University Vice Chancellors of “Humanities Studies”; to Prominent Researchers, Writers, Professors & Doctors. World Media will be surely duly informed.

We plan to start with (2) U TUBES per week. Time: 10 am Khartoum time: 4pm Sydney: 9 pm California time.

The U TUBE shall be in: Syriac, Assyrian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish and English,

Within five weeks, it is planned to grow into more languages such as: German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Russian and Armenian.

Kindly share it with: Family, Neighbors, Friends, Colleagues and Acquaintances.


There is no doubt in our minds that the benefits to the Assyrian Peoples & Nation alongwith Friends are immensurable for the reasons mentioned before. Their repercussions on our societies and on each and every Assyrian individual are undoubtedly there, including our Cherished Friends all over the Globe.

God bless you all.