Paul Hormez Azzo, (Cavaliere), Lebanese – Assyrian.

“Small Success Story”

Failures were in abundance and more frequent than successes, some were fatal.


Thanks GOD, I resuscitated, like the Phoenix bird out of the ashes.                                                                                   Serious commitment coupled with good achievements over four decades of activities and tirelessly, still on:

I – Lombard Bank – Beirut- (7) years. Employee to Head of Loan department.

I learnt a lot. My services were appreciated by Clients as well as the Bank Management.

II – Sainrapt & Brice. S & B. My task was Public Relations Manager. It had by then (150) year of construction activities in France & abroad. With 6,000 employees of seven different nationalities in S. Arabia by early seventies, and with two major construction sites: Tabuk/Bir Bin Hirmas road (Jordan border), and Madinah Airport, Pavements & Drainage. Following great achievement of mine for the Company, the Paris management put me on the Board of “Directors in Saudi Arabia”.

III – Italian Embassy. My assignment was Free lance Consultant & P.R. That was at the time of H.E. Alberto Ramasso Valacca.

IV – EUROTRE – Consulting Architects. Founder & Public Relations. With little or nothing, I formed it, putting together the portfolios of Teachers & Students from Torino Politecnico, Italy; and I registered the Group officially by Saudi Arabia concerned offices. This business lasted more than forty years & still on under the management of my friend, Arch. Yousef Baeshen.

V – Pesaro – Marche) & Friuli, Venezia Giulia Regions (N. East of Italy) & Cassa di Risparmio di Foligno (Central Italy. I staged Exhibitions for four consecutive years and one Business Forum, this was for Cassa di Risparmio di Foligno, a Saving Bank.

Above were planned & executed by myself to promote Italian “Products & Technologies” in the then nascent markets of the Gulf, over four consecutive years, with top notch Economic & Trade delegations of Italian Industries Confederation, “CONFINDUSTRIA” to Saudi Arabia. Beside hundreds of Gulf businessmen that I had attracted to “Custom Made Exhibitions” I staged in Italy & they were visited by most prominent Gulf businessmen, and generated huge trade flow for Italy from Gulf countries.

Following great successes in Italy, I merited the title of “Cavaliere” (similar to the title of SIR), bestowed on me by the then Italian President, Sandro Pertini, 27.12.79.

VI – Pitney Bowes of Dayton, Ohio, USA. Agent in (13) M.E. countries.                                                      I covered successfully twelve Arab Countries and Iran. On my second year with PB and in a Convention at Marbella, Spain, I was honored by Bob Vanourek, then President of PB with a trophy for being the best in getting the targeted sales.                                                                                                                  Based in Jeddah, I had three US citizens working part time for me and were instrumental for my success: Barcode & Scanning: Trainer: Eng. Mal Shute; Maintenance Head, John Skaggs ,from Virginia and an Assyrian Head Technician, Mr. Karim khan, this last was from Chicago; the three were officially working with Saudi Arabian Airlines. Thru Pitney Bowes, I was the first in the whole Middle East to introduce the Barcode & Scanning systems in S. Arabia to UAE, “Dubai Duty Free” logo, in collaboration with Emirates Computer Companies, managed b Lebanese, surprisingly I never met with. Barcode & scanning was not available then in no other Arab country except Lebanon.

VII – MediaSat-LBC Exclusive Representative in Sub Sahara – Africa. I spent two years of negotiations to obtain the Sub Sahara Countries representation. That was with late Mr. Antoine Choueiri (RIP). In 2019, the value of Choueiri Group was one billion Dollars. Nowadays it is managed by the son, Mr. Pierre Choueiri. On my first tour end as Representative, I was in Khartoum where I lured Officials and private sector to come out with a ‘’Documentary Film” about Sudan, I have succeeded to convince the necessity of such promotion and yet it was denied the birth by US sanctions.

VIII – Sudan Affair – Paul Hormez Azzo (Cav.) Swimming against thee waives !

During 2001, incidentallyright after 9/11 I had met with the then Sudanese President on more than one occasion along with several ministers & officials and they all welcomed my proposal. I had private as well public sector applauds & consent, but the refusal of LBC – Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation to make the Documentary Film, was on intimation of their US partners, resulted in a clear-cut decline of the Project in spite of its uniqueness & the loss of business to me as well as to LBC. “I was swimming against the waves.”

IX – Writing & Publishing:

For above setback with Media-Sat /LBC, I was adaman to promote Sudan thru this first book:

  1. Directory of Major Companies in Sudan & Reference Book”, 2006.        
  2. Directory of the NGO’s in Sudan, 2006. This I compiled a year after.

My non-published books are:

2 .ISO, Quality, Excellence & Environment in Sudan.

  1.  Successful Investment Projects in Sudan.

And last year,

  1. “Minerals in Sudan and Directory of WORLD Mining Companies – Business & Investment 2020.” (Ask for more).

X – Founding Member of NAC – Nineveh Academic Chair at Salamanca University, SPAIN.Prof. Efrem Yeldiz, Vice Chacellor of Salamanca University & President of Mesopotamia Alliance, invited me to. (Ask for more).

XI – HOA – Horn of Africa Languages & Research Center.

I had studied the feasibility and officially registered the activity in 2017.                                                 I planned that within few years, it will develop into “Africa Languages and Research Center”. Unique Concept !.

Personally, I am a staunch “amateur Linguist” and I master few languages (modern & Ancient), consequently I learned the art of understanding of different Mentalities & Cultures.                                                                                                                             This is part of the budget & Portfolio that I humbly have.