Shlama – Salam-


I – In case you haven’t seen UTUBE #1, you better promise yourself to see it. It is very important.

There will be some (45) UTUBES till the end of March, 2022, by which time the A&F Guide will be printed. UTUBES are once a week in some (13) languages, read to you by a number of Personalities, here are some of them:

II – Your Host Paul Azzo – Author, am honored to inform you that am assisted by: a Small Team of (3) non-Assyrian employees, lovingly helping me and, at the same time, learning about this great Assyrian Civilization and Nation. I am assisted by a Larger Team of Collaborators, now (17), to grow to (33) or even more to help rebuild Babylon and Nineveh. As I have collected over the years: 5,000 + 5,000 + 2,000 this last, growing in a bigger number of Friends (not followers), picked up over the last five years.

III – More enthusiastic is Prof. Efrem Yildiz Sadak, who is down to earth person and chose to be Co-Author as he insisted that I, in my capacity of master minder of the Project and genuinely taking full charge and full responsibility to execute it with success, be the Author.

Graciously, Prof Efrem brings also a team of Scholars. Their names and qualifications shall be announced at a later stage. These are going to help us with topics about: History, Culture, Civilization, Languages & Historical Homeland excavations with successful findings giving evidence of the Might that was Assyria (Skagg’s Book title)

Prof Efrem is simultaneously the VC of 814 years old Salamanca University in Spain and brings also yet another team of ANS – Academic Nineveh – Salamanca, Spain. He adds also his Friends & Academic Colleagues list, what a treasure !

IV – Other Personalities involved are: Shamasha Giwargis Hanna Meshco of Germany & Eng Admond Kabrial of Sweden. Several personalities are asking to assist, help & contribute.

V – It’s worthwhile mentioning that our Plans are that the UTUBE shall start in these languages: English, Syriac, Assyrian, Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, Persian,. To said languages and by early January, we are adding: Russian, Armenian Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Dutch.

VI – We need your feedback on the two sets of abovementioned languages. You are cordially invited to help, assist ad contribute. Ask for details.


VII – above work is with the aim to reach & help, (so to say) the LOST ASSYRIAN LAMBS in Assyrian language & Culture; to pull them out of the darkness of this cruel world, to enlighten them with their ASSYRIAN mother tongue and to nurture them with our Assyrian Civilization, the mother of all civilizations.

VIII – Now – Guess WHO is the most important among all?

The Author, the Co- Author? The non-Assyrian (3) employees at this end from Khartoum? My Larger Team of Collaborators, (17),  growing to (33) and more? My 12,000 Friends?  Or

Prof Efrem Team of Scholars, the team of: ANS – Academic Nineveh – Salamanca, Spain, The Team of his Friends & Academic Colleagues list. Or

Shamasha Giwargis Hanna Meshco & Eng Admond Kabrial and others asking willing to put their own Kirpicha to this masterpiece of joint venture project

IX – YOU…….the Client, you are the KING (so is said in Marketing) You, the Lady Client are a replica of Queen Shamiran,  Aren’t after all, all Assyrians kings ? and our Friends are our Guests/Kings too ; your family, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues, your doctor, you lawyer, you’re a/C, your plumber, your electrician, your grocery, your supermarket, your ”everyone you know”.

It’s my duty, it’s your duty, it’s every Assyrian individual duty to wake up and raise the voice of respect and civilization to bring to the attention of the world our basic human rights.

X – Together we can rebuild Babylon, together we can rebuild Nineveh!

Shlami w Iqari