Shlama – Salam, This is once again about the “Guide Assyrians & Friends, Professionals & Businesspersons W/W, 2022.

This is session # 7, the Subject is “GUIDE CONTENT”

I have the honor to inform you again that all UTUBES sessions are sponsored by Dr. Eng. George Marqus of Dubai, UAE. God bless him. God bless also all others who are interested to contribute to the building of this new Assyrian Ziqqurat to the benefit of the Assyrian Nation.

The Content of this ”A& F …. Guide” is grand in every sense of the word as it is beneficial to the purpose for which it is meant. What is it, about it ? It is about Fair & Just Rights of the indigenous people of Iraq, since centuries reduced to tiny minorities: Sabeans, Mandaneans, Jews, Assyrians and their brothers the Yezidis, and others to mention few of the IRAQI MOSAICO. Some were forcibly Arabized “musta’rebeen, Arabs called them” or Kurdified, some perhaps were lured just for survival, few took advantage and joined the new sinister waves to damnation.

This is purely the basics of the history of the Middle East for millennia that was name Assyrian Empire and a piece of it remained named Syria, and today particularly of a country called IRAQ, (mind you) the word Iraq itself is Assyrian and it means “roots” in Assyrian language and that is Assyrian, no one can challenge!

This Guide content is rich, prolific with immense proportions; matter of fact the content filled the entire world with the Assyrian Civilization, generating new civilizations and giving many opportunities to gradually modernize the life of human beings, the world technologies, the agriculture, the culture thru a very rich language that gave to others’ more than just Semitic languages the Source. Visit major Universities, (don’t Miss Salamanca University of Spain and say “Shlamalokh Rabi Afram”); visit the most prestigious museums: London, Paris, Berlin & Chicago, they are stacked with huge Assyrian artifacts and full with tens of thousands of tablets of the Assyrian recorded civilization, not found with any other civilization.

Let’s leave the details to the scholars and come down to our tiny Content of the “A&F….GUIDE”.

This Guide is a mini, simple & popular encyclopedia, “mawsoua bkil ma’na al kalima” never ever written before in modern times; it is about the M.E., HOME of the Assyrian Kingdoms & Empire, geographically & history wise; the more recent history is rather events than history, it is about ASSYRIAN DIASPORA cities that mushroomed, where the absolute majority of the Assyrians of five million is. It is unconceivable that 80% of the Assyrians nowadays dwell in multiple diasporas, all over the globe. Is “United Nations” blind, deaf & mute, dump to that extent? Those Assyrians have been simply eradicated from their own natural and millennia historical habitat, in spite of their robust roots. The impossible became possible on this planet? And yet, the drain of the Assyrians continues to flow incessantly now over 200 years, flowing with no rest, no mercy, no human dignity. The recipient host countries are pretty satisfied for the Assyrians do abide by the laws wherever they live. They inherited these rules from their forefather, the first ever world renown legislator, Hammurabi ! On the other hand, Assyrians of the Diaspora are an added value to any country that hosts them with open arms.

You join this Guide, you will love you have taken the right decision. You dare missing presence, no matter how small.

Kirpicha min kirpicha, banakh Baitan, kirpicha min kirpcha banakh Marduthan, Kirpicha min Kirpich banakh Omtan.

Paul Hormez Azzo, jointly with Prof. Efrem Yildiz, Authors of “Assyrians & Friends, Professionals & Businesspersons, w/w Guide”, sponsored by Dr. Eng. George Marqus of Dubai, UAE. Showqinnokhoun bsheina.