TOPIC: Don’t limit your challenges, change your limits.

This is UT # 9, another prelude to the “Assyrians & Friends… Guide this is the nucleus of an Assyrian Encyclopedia.

This, and all other UTs, till the end of March, 2022 is sponsored by Dr. Eng. George Marqus of Dubai. May the Almighty God bless him and you all Viewers/Readers of the U. T.

Allow me to inform you that we are toughly hampered by the recent events in Sudan, and yet we solidly stick to our commitments and determination to make the Project of “A & F….. Guide successful against all odds.

The Project needs “hands that help more than lips that pray”.

It is planned that our “A & F…… Guide” shall be printed tentatively on time, by the end of March, 2022.

A concerted action with groups of Prof. Efrem Yidiz, Sh. Gwargis, Eng. Admon Kabrial, the Guardians of Assyria and, Glomedia /whose Founder & G.M. is the undersigned. Along ith YOU TOO, with your Relatives, with your Neighbors, with your Friends and your Acquaintances; all of Assyrians & Friends, are and remain a necessity without which the Project will not work, GOD FORBID.

Trust me, we are persistently striving to change the limits, having in mind all the sacrifices, no matter how huge, so we can hit our Noble Aim of the “A & F…. Guide”. That is undoubtedly possible with a little effort from each and every one of you, no one excluded. Then we can achieve our goal.

Challenges are with small projects too. How can we not accept them to be an integral part of our Great Dream?

Quite often, I receive words of praise, thumbs up and the like, they are surely an encouragement that I appreciate immensely. I do not give up when I am not successful in breaking the ice with anyone; and with a sportive spirit, I try again to explain with all politeness, after considering several matters that may be a hindrance for him/her to take an imminent, positive decision to be part of the of the “A & F……. Guide” project and occupy an active role, no matter how small and for as little as USD.30 and yet being a contributing person in favor of the “Assyrians & Friends…… Guide”

By Christ teachings, this is the widow share of contribution to the temple; by material standards it is two cups of coffee with biscuits for your mate and yourself at a café. A large number of small monies, make a fortune and enables us achieve our National dream.

Late Eng. George Nassar, a friend of mine, some four decades back, then he was the Founder and President of Globe bank in Beirut – Lebanon, on visiting my business in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from where I had covered all Gulf Countries, started with a participation at Dubai Int. Fair early eighties and reached Baghdad mid eighties with two participations at Baghdad International Fair. Mr. Nassar on seeing that I I had business flare and got engaged in printing labels, stickers, tags, tickets for the retail and the industry businesses, he jokingly whispered in my ear that this little industry is similar to a “Tax Collector job”.



Eng. George Nassar honored me with pat on my shoulder and arranged for me all necessary funds from Globe Bank in Beirut to pay “Anker Jorgensen” label industry of Copenhagen to air freight to Jeddah, for a period two years length against L/Gs (letters of guarantee), emanating from Globe Bank in Beirut. RIP, dear Eng. George Nassar. By the way, at that time every foreigner in Saudi Arabia was left to the mercy of the “Shifting sands of the local kafeel”.

With the prevailing local harsh conditions, we are making drastic changes of our limits. We are fully ready for, and we have the necessary tools and means to correct the shortcomings as well as to straighten up the course of business. We need your advices now on. Feel as a partner. Please, be free to contact me: Email: [email protected], whatsApp + 249 121 138 415 on 24/7. We are more than willing to read your advices/suggestions and to answer your questions promptly.

By the end of November, we should be done with the articles to be included in the “Assyrians & Friends…… Guide” such as and not restricted to: Health, Education, Language, History, Investment, Tourism, Rebuilding of villages, (Khabour & Nineveh Plains) in the following countries: Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syrian, Lebanon, Jordan. ANY ONE CAN HELP ?

Let’s break the monotony of the YOU TUBES, and say:

Following the same motto: Don’t limit your challenges, change your limits, below text has been posted to Assyrian TVs, Radios, Media & Magazines… Please consider it and kindly write to me about it soonest.

Dear cherished Friend,

Subject: Assyrians & Friends, Professionals & Buzinesspersons, W/W Guide, due March, 2022, on line & paper printed book.

I owe your name and address to the courtesy of 1. Prof. Efrem Yidilz, 2. Shamasha Giwargis, 3. Eng. Admon Kabrial, 4. The Guardians of Assyria, (those humble person who do not wish to show), 5. Glomedia Investment Co. Ltd. of Khartoum – Sudan database ,am the President. Currently, we are the five Pillars of this gigantic Project to the benefit of all Assyrians and their Friends. We need more persons to join by & before Dec.15, 21. Our ‘A & F…. Guide” shall reach (5,000) top world Political, Economic & Industrial Executives.

Anyone can join us, YOU TOO can and others that you may propose, anyone can contribute to convert this dream of the majority of the Assyrians into reality; simply the way you consider you may be most fit and useful to the Assyrian Nation. The aim is purel to get with our own surgeries the Fair & Just rights, equally with each & every Iraqi. Rest assured we shall respond promptly. Four of us are available 7/24. Contact us by email [email protected], whatsApp +249 121 138 415.

N.B.: Above has been sent to a first batch of (5,000) persons.

Warm Regards

Paul Hormez Azzo (Cavaliere) – Glomedia Invest. Co. Ltd.

P.S.: Ask for the Front cover of the Book. You may have your touche on it !

Bsheina wa Shlama.