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Zircon is a precious stone which was used by our ancestors.It is a very valuable gem which appears in variety of colours and people consider this stone next to second quality diamond. Though considered as a cheap diamond it has its own value. The variation in colour is due to the adding of impurities with it. Though found in various colours for centuries the colourless one was more popular. It has a close resemblance to diamond due to its reflecting properties and brightness. This precious gem though it resembles diamond in its various aspects can be easily distinguished from diamond. When compared to diamond it is lower in hardness and it has double refraction The mining of this gem is mostly done in Cambodia, Australia, Thailand and Myanmar.

The colour of this gem stone is mostly blue but we can also find green, dark red, yellow and orange stones also. It is noticed that this precious stone loses its colour when exposed to sunlight for a long duration of period. But methods have been found to regain its colour and that is by reheating this stone. Methods have also been adopted to minimize the double refraction present in this gem. Cutting of this gem along proper angles makes it look like original diamond. This gem stone protects us from all negative vibrations and it is believed that this precious stone gives a sense of self confidence wisdom and intelligence. Many diseases like epilepsy, fever and other diseases are also cured by wearing this gem stone. It is also believed that zircon gives the wearer honour and also helps them to drive away evil spirits.

This gem stone has a very important significance when it comes to making of jewellery. The various and the vibrant colour of the stones attracts many to adorn their jewellery with this precious gem. The hardness is another important feature which makes the jewellery maker to use this gem as it can be easily carved and fit into jewellery of any kind. Many important qualities of this gem is not still known,as it is considered as an imitation jewellery because of its close association with diamond. The importance of this gem can be seen in the poetry of great Hindu poets who recite about kalpa tree with gemstone fruits and leaves made of this precious gem. This precious stone is said to have high energy that is spiritual. It helps us to understand the spiritual qualities present within us .Popularly it is known to help us know the virtuous qualities present in us.

To check whether the quality of this gem is high or low we can simply place this gem on any source of light and as a result any cracks or impurities present in the jewel can be detected. A good quality gem will be free of all impurities. The cost of this gem stones vary according to its size, colour, place etc. The good quality gems with no impurities are always priced higher than the gem with impurities. Zircon should always be bought only from genuine dealers as there are chances of getting duped easily. Sometimes glasses are also mistaken for this precious gem. Though it is compared with diamond this gem by its vibrant colour has occupied an important place in the gem family and is adorned in the jewellery world over.

Physical Properties :


It is found in diverse colors like brown, red, yellow, gray, green, blue, black and colorless. It takes place in dissimilar colors due to alteration in the impurities in the chemical composition like black and brown color come into view because of the existence of iron oxide contamination.


It contains adamantine luster and is transparent to translucent in nature. This unique stone is rich in inclusions and flaws. Few stones are found clean as well but such stones occur rarely.Cut

Cutting is not simple for this gemstone as it is found in minute sizes. Though, with the technology development, it can be cut luminously. The shears make all the ordinary shape and cuts like round, pear, heart, oval, marquise etc.

Carat weight

Being a weighty gemstone it come out minute when measure up to with other gemstones of identical carat weight. It takes place in tiny crystal form. Huge sizes are very exceptional. Jewelry items like rings, bracelets, earrings, bangles and pendants can use stone between 2-4 carat weights.

Natural Occurrence :

Seiland, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Bancroft, Sudbury, Canada, United States, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania and France

Available Colors :

Brown, red, yellow, gray, green, blue, black and colorless.


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